Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm 103

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Di Love Of Baba-God

  1. Dis na Psalm of David. Praise Baba-God, oh my soul; plus everitin wey dey
    around me—bless hin holy name.
  2. Praise Baba-God, Oh my soul, and make you no fashi all di beta tins wey he dey do.
  3. Nahin dey forgive all your sins, con heal all una diseases,
  4. Nahin dey save your life from scata-scata, con crown you wit soft-love plus mercy.
  5. Nahin dey put beta tins for your
    mouth—sote your youth go dey ginger like eagle.
  6. Baba-God dey show goodness plus justice to everi pesin wey dey under oppression.
  7. He show Moses hin way, and he show
    hin handwork to di pipo of Israel.
  8. Baba-God dey sorry-for pesin, and he
    dey kind, he no dey quick vex, and hin mercy brekete.
  9. He no go always change-am-for us, or
    para for us forever.
  10. He no dey use awa sin take punish us, or pay us back wit di bad-bad-tins wey we don do.
  11. As di heavens take high pass di earth,
    naso Baba-God mercy brekete for di pipo wey dey fear am.
  12. As di east take far from west, naso Baba-God take komot awa sin from us.
  1. As papa dey sorry-for hin pikin, naso
    Baba-God dey sorry-for di pipo wey dey fear am.
  2. He know as we take form for awa mama belle, he remember sey we be dust.
  3. As for man, hin days be like grass, he dey grow like flower for field.
  4. Breeze go blow am and naso e take
    kpeme—and no-pesin go see am again.
  5. But from everlasting to everlasting—Baba-God love dey wit di pipo wey dey fear am, and hin goodness dey wit dia pikin-pikin,
  6. and wit those pipo wey dey keep hin
    agreement, and wey remember to do Baba-God commandment.
  7. Baba-God don set hin king-chair
    gidigbam for heaven, and hin Kingdom dey rule over everitin.
  8. Praise Baba-God, una wey be hin angel, wey get big pawa, wey dey do hin word—wey dey obey Baba-God word.
  9. Cut-cap for Baba-God all hin armies
    wey dey serve am for heaven, and do wetin he wish.
  10. Make everitin wey Baba -God
    make—prasie am, plus everitin wey dey inside hin Kingdom. Praise Baba-God, Oh my soul.


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