Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 104

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Baba-God Nahin Make Everi-everi

  1. Praise Baba-God, Oh my soul. Oh Baba-God my Oga, you great well-well; you baffup wit respect like King.
  2. He wrap hinsef inside light like cloth; he stretch out di heaven like curtain,
  3. con lay di pillar for di roof of hin house for inside water for up-up. He turn di clouds to hin horse-moto, con ride on top of di feathers of di heavy-breeze.
  4. He make hin angles as spirits, and hin
    servants like faya wey dey burn.
  5. He set di earth put for e foundations;
    make e no-fit move forever.
  6. You cover di earth wit big-big-water like cloth, di water con high pass even di mountains.
  7. Di water run go back wen you tok, di
    water rush komot as dem hear your voice like thunder.
  8. Dem flow pass on top of di mountain, dem go down to bottom-of-di-mountains, to di place wey you don give dem.
  1. You don set boundary wey dem no-fit
    cross; di big-rivers no go cover di earth again.
  2. Baba-God make water flow enta bottom-of-di-mountain; e dey flow for middle of di mountains.
  3. Dem dey give water to all di wild
    animals of di field; di wild donkey dey drink to quench dia thirst.
  4. Di birds of di air make dia bird- house
    near di stream, dem dey sing from among di branches of di trees.
  5. He dey water di mountain from heaven; di earth belleful wit di fruit of Your works.
  6. He dey make grass grow for malu to
    chop, and herbs wey man need—so dat he go bring food from di earth:
  7. and drink wey dey make man jolly for
    dia heart, ororo wey go make hin face dey shine, plus food to keep hin heart strong kakaraka.
  8. Baba-God dey water hin trees wella, di
    cedar of Lebanon wey he plant.
  9. Na for there birds go build dia
    bird-house put; di stork get her house for di fir trees.
  10. Na di wild goats get di high mountains; on top of rock nahin badgers dey hide dia head put.
  11. Baba-God make di moon for e seasons, and di sun know wen to go down.
  12. You bring darkness, and e turn to night; and all di wild animals wey dey for forest dey move upandan.
  13. Di young lions dey halla for bush meat, and dem dey fyne dia food from Baba-God.
  14. Wen sun rise, dem dey gada togeda, con lie down for dia zanga.
  15. Naso man dey komot go work, go hustle until evening.
  16. Oh Baba-God, see as your work plenty
    reach! Na wisdom you take make all of dem; di earth brekete wit wetin you don make.
  17. E get one big-river wey big, and wey
    wide, living tins wey dem no-fit count burku inside am—both big and small.
  18. Na for there di ships dey go upandan, and di whale wey you make to play for there.
  19. All of dem dey look you—to give dem
    dia food for di right time.
  20. Wen you give dem food, dem go rush
    am; wen you open your hand, dem belleful wit sweet tins.
  21. Fear catch dem wen you hide your face; wen you carry your breath komot—de kpeme, con turn to dust.
  22. Wen you send your spirit, dem come to life, and you make di face of di earth new again.
  23. Make Baba-God levels dey forever an ever; make Baba-God happy for hin work.
  24. He look di earth and di earth dey shake, he touch di mountains—and dem bring out smoke.
  25. I go sing to Baba-God all my life; I go sing praises to Baba-God as long as I dey live.
  26. Make my reasoning sweet am for belle, I go jolly inside Baba-God.
  27. But make sinners vanish komot from di earth, and make wicked pipo no dey again.
  28. Praise Baba-God, Oh my soul. Praise Baba-God.


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