Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 105

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Baba-God Dey Take Care Of
Hin Pikin

  1. Give tanks to Baba-God, call hin name; tell di nations wetin he don do.
  2. Sing for Baba-God, sing praises to am;
    tok about all hin ogbonge works.
  3. Celebrate and worship hin holy name;
    make di heart of those pipo wey dey fyne Baba-God—dey jubilate.
  4. Fyne Baba-God and hin strength, dey
    always fyne hin face.
  5. Remember di wonders wey he don do,
    hin wonders, and di judgement from hin mouth.
  6. Oh pikin-pikin-pikin of Abraham wey be hin servant, Oh sons of Jacob, di ones wey he don choose!
  7. Nahin be Baba-God awa Oga; hin
    judgement dey for all di earth.
  8. He dey remember hin promise forever,
    di word wey he command—for thousand generations,
  9. di agreement wey he make wit Abraham,
    di oath wey he swear to Isaac.
  10. He confam am to Jacob as law, and to Israel—as everlasting agreement;
  11. “Na you I go give di land of Canaan as
    property wey you go inherit.”
  12. Baba-God tok dis tin wen dem no plenty, and dem dey very small, and be strangers [jjc] for di land,
  13. Wen dem waka from nation to nation, from one kingdom go anoda one,
  1. he no let any-pesin oppress dem; he
    change-am-for kings becos of dem:
  2. “No touch di pesin wey I don anoint; no wound my prophet.”
  3. He make hunger full di land, he con scata all dia supply of food.
  4. He send one man go for- front—Joseph, wey dem sell as slave.
  5. Dem wound hin leg wit chain, dem use iron lock hin neck,
  6. until time reach wey hin dream con
    happun. Baba-God word confam sey he dey correct.
  7. Di king tok sey he wan see Joseph—con free am, di rulers of pipo freeam.
  8. He make am oga of hin house, and to rule over everitin wey he get,
  9. to order hin princes as he like, and to
    teach di senior-men wisdom.
  10. Naso Israel take enta Egypt; Jacob live for di land of Ham.
  11. Baba-God prosper hin pipo; he make
    dem strong pass dia enemies,
  12. Den he con turn dia heart to hate hin
    pipo, to plan bad tin against hin pipo.
  13. He send Moses hin servant, plus Aaron wey he don choose.
  14. He perform hin miracle signs for dia
    face, and hin wonders for di land of Ham.
  15. He send darkness wey make di land
    dark—and dem no disobey hin word.
  16. He turn dia water to blood, wey make dia fish kpeme.
  17. Dia land con burku wit frogs, sote dem enta dia kings bedroom.
  18. He tok, and plenty flies plus insect show-face tru-out dia kontri, plus lice for everi area.
  19. He turn dia rain to rain of ice- stone, wit lightning tru-out dia land.
  20. He nack dia vine, plus fig tree for
    ground. He scata di trees wey dey for dia kontri.
  21. He tok, and locust show-face,
    grasshoppers wey dem no-fit count;
  22. dem chop everi green tin wey dey for dia land finish, dem chop all dia plant for farm finish.
  23. Naso Baba-God kill all di firstborn for
    dia land—di first of all dia man-pawa.
  24. He carry Israel come out wit plenty silver and gold, and no one of dem dey weak among all di tribes.
  25. Egypt happy wen dem komot, becos di fear of Israel don fall upon dem.
  1. He stretch out cloud to cover dem, and faya wey go give dem light for night.
  2. Dem ask, and he give dem quail (bird),
    and make dem belleful wit food from
  3. He open rock and water rush komot, like river, e flow inside desert.
  4. He remember hin holy promise, and hin servant Abraham.
  5. He carry hin pipo komot wit happiness, and he carry di pipo wey he choose komot wit joy.
  6. He give dem di land of di nations, and
    dem inherit wetin oda pipo don work for—
  7. so dat dem go follow hin ways, and keep hin laws. Praise Baba-God.


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