Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 106

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Israel Get Di Mind To Disobey

  1. Praise Baba-God, give tanks to Baba-God, becos he dey good, and hin mercy dey last forever.
  2. Who fit tok about di ogbonge works of Baba-God, or yarn hin praise fully?
  3. Blessings for di pipo wey dey maintain justice, wey dey always do wetin dey right everi time.
  4. Oh Baba-God, remember me wit di
    favour wey you get for your pipo, visit me wit your salvation.
  5. so dat I go fit enjoy di prosperity
    of di pipo wey you don choose.And I go share inside di joy of your nation—and I go praise you wit di pipo wey belong to you.
  6. We don commit sin like awa papa-papa-papa; we don do wrong and wicked tins!
  7. Wen awa papa bin dey for Egypt, dem no reason your miracles; dem no remember as you take sorry-for dem reach. Instead, dem change-am-for you for di Red sea.
  8. Upon dat, he save dem becos of hin
    name—so dat pipo go sabi hin ogbonge pawa.
  9. He command di Red sea and e dry sharp-sharp; he carry dem pass di deep side like sey na desert.
  10. He free dem from di hands of pipo wey no like dem, and he save dem from di hands of dia enemies.
  11. Di water cover dia enemies; no single
    one of dem survive.
  12. Naso dem believe hin yarnings—con sing about hin praises.
  1. But e no tey, dem con forget wetin Baba-God don do, and dem no gree wait for hin
  2. For inside di desert dem follow di bad tin
    wey dey for dia mind, and dem test Baba-God.
  3. So he give dem wetin dem ask for, but he send disease—to dem.
  4. For di camp, dem con start to dey jealous Moses plus Aaron—wey be Baba-God holy priest.
  5. So di earth open mouth con swallow
    Dathan; e bury Abiram and hin pipo.
  6. Faya con dey burn dia followers; and
    burn badbelle pipo to ashes.
  7. For Horeb dem make malu- pikin—con
    dey worship di idol wey dem make wit iron.
  8. Dem exchange dia glory wit image of
    malu wey dey chop grass.
  9. Dem forget sey na Baba-God save dem, wey do ogbonge tins for dem for Egypt,
  10. wey do miracles for di land of Ham, and ogbonge work for di Red sea.
  11. So he tok sey he go scata dem—if to sey no be Moses wey he don choose—wey beg Baba-God make he no use vex take dabaru dem.
  12. Naso dem con hate di beta land; dem no gree believe hin promise.
  13. Instead, dem grumble inside dia tent, and dem no gree obey Baba-God [Ubangiji].
  14. He raise hin hand, con swear sey he go make dem fall for inside di desert,
  15. and make dia pikin-pikin-pikin
    fall among di nations, con scata dem go far-far land.
  16. Dem join demsef wit Baal of Peor, con
    chop sacrifice wey dem give gods wey no dey alive.
  17. Dem make Baba-God vex wit dia
    wicked ways, so sickness con start to dey catch dem.
  18. But Phinehas stand up to epp dem, and di sickness con stop.
  19. Di generations wey go come—go count am for am as goodess forever.
  20. Near di waters of Meribah, dem make
    Baba-God vex, and yawa gas for Moses head—becos of dem.
  21. Dem change-am-for di spirit of Baba-God, and dem make Moses con dey miss-yarn.
  22. Dem no scata di pipo as Baba-God tell
  23. but dem con mix wit di nations, even con dey follow dia ways.
  24. Dem worship dia idols—wey con be like trap for dem.
  25. Dem sacrifice dia pikin to demons.
  26. Dem shed innocent blood, di blood of dia pikin, wey dem sacrifice to di idols of Canaan, and dem spoil di land wit blood.
  27. Dem dirty dia holy hands wit wetin dem do; wetin dem do con make dem be like ashawo.
  28. Naso Baba-God vex for hin pipo, he con hate di pipo wey belong to am.
  29. He carry dem give di nations, dia enemies con rule dem.
  30. Dia enemies oppress dem, and over-pawa dem.
  31. Many times nahin he free dem, but dia mind no wan gree follow hin way, and dem con dey low-key becos of dia sins.
  32. But he reason dia suffer-suffer, wen he hear dia cry;
  33. becos of dem, he remember hin promise, he con stop—becos of how he sorry-for dem well-well.
  34. He make all di pipo wey carry dem as prisoners—sorry-for dem.
  35. Save us, Oh Baba-God awa Oga, and gada us from di nations, so dat we go fit give tanks to your holy name, and happy to praise you.
  36. Praise be to Baba-God, di God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting. Make everi-pesin tok sey “Iseee!” Praise Baba-God.


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