Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 109

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Dis Na Cry For Justice

  1. For di producer of music. Dis na Psalm of David. Oh Baba-God wey I dey praise, make you no dey silent,
  2. wicked men and wayo-pipo don bad-mouth me; dem don lie for my head wit dia lie-lie tongue.
  3. Dem surround me wit badbelle yarning, dem dey fight me for no reason.
  4. Dem carry mata put for my head to pay for di love wey I show dem, but I dey pray well-well.
  5. Dem use evil take pay me back di good tins wey I do for dem as dia padi, and dem use hate take pay me back for my life.
  6. Choose evil man wey go fight my
    enemy; make pesin wey go put mata for hin head stand for hin right hand.
  7. Make dem judge am,make dem see sey he dey guilty, and make hin prayers turn to sin.
  8. Make he no live long, make anoda pesin take hin office.
  9. Make hin pikin turn to orphan, and make hin wife turn to widow.
  10. Make hin pikin be beggars wey dey waka upandan; make dem run komot go find food—from dia house wey don kpafuka finish.
  11. Make di pesin wey he dey owe
    moni—seize all hin properties. Make
    strangers [jjc] tiff everitin wey he don work for.
  12. Make no-pesin epp am or sorry-for hin
    pikin wey no get papa.
  13. Make hin pikin-pikin-pikin cut komot,
    make dia names komot from di next
  14. Make Baba-God remember di sin wey hin ancestors commit; no forgive hin mama sins.
  15. Make dia sins always dey for Baba-God mind, so dat he go wipe dia memory komot from di earth.
  16. Becos he no remember to sorry-for pipo, but he show poor pipo pepper, plus pipo wey need epp, con even pursue pipo wey dia heart don break—to kill dem.
  17. He like to curse—make di curse go back to am. He no like blessings—so make blessings dey far from dem.
  18. He dey wear curse like cloth for body; so make curse enta hin body like water, con enta inside hin bone like ororo.
  19. Make di curse be like wrapper wey he tie for body, and like belt wey tie hin waist forever.
  20. Naso Baba-God go take pay back those pipo wey dey put mata for my head, and those pipo wey dey bad-mouth me.
  21. But you, Oh Baba-God my Oga—do me well becos of your name. Save me becos your mercy dey good.
  22. I poor, and I need epp, and my heart don wound inside me.
  23. I dey fade go like shadow for evening; dem blow me komot like insect.
  24. I don fast taya—sote my knees don dey weak. I don slim finish, and I don slim down finish.
  25. Dem dey yab me, dem dey shake dia head wen dem see me.
  26. Epp me, oh Baba-God my Oga; save me based-on how you take dey sorry-for pesin.
  27. Make dem know sey na your hand, sey you Oh Baba-God—nahin do am.
  28. Make dem curse, but you go bless. Make shame catch dem wen dem rise, but make your servant happy.
  29. Make di pipo wey dey put mata for my head—wear shame like cloth, and make dem tie dia own disgrace like wrapper.
  30. I go use my mouth take hail Baba-God well-well. I go praise am for where hin plenty pipo gada.
  31. He go stand for di right hand of poor pesin, to save hin life from pipo wey dey condemn am.


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