Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 114

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Dis Na Song For Di Passover

  1. Wen Israel komot from Egypt, and di
    house of Jacob komot from foreign
  2. Judah turn to Baba-God holy- place, and Israel turn to hin Kingdom.
  3. Di Red sea see dem, con jakpa. River
    Jordan turn go back.
  4. Di mountain jump like rams, and di hills like lambs.
  5. Wetin worry you, oh big-river, wey you
    con run? Chai Jordan, wetin make you turn back?
  6. Mountains, wetin happun wey you jump like ram; and you hills—like lambs?
  7. Oh earth, make you shake for Baba-God front—for front of Baba-God of Jacob,
  8. wey turn rock to stream, and make water flow from strong rock.


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Pidgin Bible na did new Bible translation for Pidgin English Language. Di Bible dey easy to read and understand and e get Pidgin dictionary sef, wey go epp pipo understand more.

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