Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 102

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Di Cry For Epp Of Man Wey Dey
Face Wahala

  1. Dis na prayer for pesin wey dey face
    wahala, wey don taya, and wey dey cry to Baba-God. Hear my prayer, Oh Baba-God; make my cry for epp come meet you.
  2. No hide your face from me wen I dey
    face wahala. Turn your ears come my side; ansa me kiakia wen I call.
  3. My days dey vanish like smoke; my
    bones dey burn like charcoal.
  4. My heart dey feel pain and e don dry like grass—sote I dey forget to chop my food.
  5. Becos of my loud cry, I don slim down to lekpa.
  6. I be like pelican for desert, I be like owl wey dey for empty land.
  7. I no-fit sleep, I dey alone like bird wey
    dey on top house.
  8. From morning till night my enemies dey yab me; those pipo wey dey insult me dey swear against me.
  9. I dey chop ashes as food—con mix my drink wit tears.
  10. Becos you dey vex for me and you dey
    para for me—you carry me up, con throway me put for one corner.
  11. My days be like evening shadow; I dey
    dry dey go like grass.
  12. But you, oh Baba-God—you go sidon
    for king-chair forever; and dem go
    remember your name for all generations.
  13. You go stand up—con sorry-for Zion,
    time don reach to show her favour; na dis be di right time.
  14. Your servants love di stones of Zion; and dem love even di dust of Zion.
  15. Di nations go fear Baba-God name, all di kings of di earth go fear your levels.
  16. Baba-God go build Zion again; he go
    show-face inside hin glory.
  17. He go ansa di prayer of poor pipo; and he no go fashi dia prayer.
  18. Dem go write dis tin for future
    generation, so dat pipo wey dem neva born go cut-cap for Baba-God.
  19. “Baba-God look down from hin holy-place from up-up, he look di earth from heaven,
  20. to hear di cry of prisoner, and to free those pipo wey dem don condemn to death.”
  1. So dat dem go tok about Baba-God name for Zion, and about hin praises for inside Jerusalem,
  2. wen di pipo and di Kingdoms gada to
    worship Baba-God.
  3. He don make my strength weak for my way, and he cut my days short.
  4. So I con tok sey, “Oh Baba-God no let
    me die young—your years dey for all
  5. From starting, you set di foundations of di earth, and di heavens na your handwork.
  6. Dem go fade komot—but you go dey.
    Dem go fade like cloth.
    You go change dem l ike cloth—and you go change dem.
  7. But you still dey di same, and your years no go ever end.
  8. Your servant pikin go kontinu; dia pikin-pikin-pikin go stand gidigbam for your front.”


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