Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 42

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I Wan Drink Baba-God Like Water

  1. To di music producer. Dis na Maskil for di son of Korah. As deer take dey breath-fast￾fast dey fyne water to drink, naso my heart sef dey fyne you—Oh Baba-God.
  2. My soul dey fyne di living God like man wey wan drink water. Wen I go show-face for Baba-God front?
  3. Na my tears I dey chop from morning till night as pipo dey always tell me sey, “Where your God dey?”
  4. Wen I remember all dis tins—my heart
    dey pour-throway wit pain; I bin dey follow plenty pipo wey bin dey march go Baba-God house, as we dey shout wit happiness plus praise to Baba-God.
  5. Chai my soul, why you put yoursef for
    ground? Why na worry-worry full inside me? Hope on Baba-God, I go still praise am for di epp of di light wey he dey shine on me.
  6. Oh my God, my soul dey low- key inside me; so I go remember you from di land of Jordan, from up-up of Hermon—from Mountain of Mizar.
  7. Big-river dey call anoda big-river for di
    sound of di water dey fall—all your waves plus high- water don cover me.
  8. Baba-God dey command hin soft-love
    for day time, and hin song go dey wit me for night—na prayer to Baba-God wey get my life.
  9. I go tell Baba-God wey be my Rock sey, “Why you don fashi me? Why I dey cry becos di enemies dey oppress me?”
  10. My enemies dey laff me like sey dem dey break my bones—everi day, dem dey tell me sey, “Where your God dey?”
  1. Why you dey feel sad-chai, my soul?
    Why worry-worry full inside me? Put your hope on Baba-God, I go still praise am, Baba-God wey dey epp me shine—and my God.


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