Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 44

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Dis Na Prayer For Protection

  1. To di producer of music. Dis na Maskil of di sons of Korah. Oh Baba-God, we don hear wit awa ears, awa ancestors don tell us wetin you do for dia time—for olden days.
  2. You use your hand pursue di nations
    komot, and you con put our papa for di land. You cos wahala for di nations, con drive dem komot.
  3. No be wit dia sword nahin dem take win di land, and no be dia hand save dem—but na your right hand, your hand, plus di light wey dey around you becos you favour dem.
  4. Oh Baba-God, na you be my Igwe; make di pipo of Jacob always win.
  5. Tru you, we go push awa enemies go
    down; wit your name—we go march awa enemies for ground.
  6. I no dey depend on my arrow, no be my sword go save me.
  7. But you don save us from awa enemies, con make shame catch pipo wey hate us.
  8. Na Baba-God we dey use make-mouth—from morning till night, and we go praise your name forever
  1. But now you don fashi us, and you don make shame catch us; you no dey lead awa armies again.
  2. You make us shift go back from our
    enemies, and pipo wey hate us don obtain us finish.
  3. Na you let dem wan chop us like sheep, and you don scata us for everi nation.
  4. You sell your pipo for notin; you no gain anytin as you sell dem.
  5. You don make awa neighbours dey see us like disgrace, and all those pipo wey dey around us—dey yab and dey laff us.
  6. You don make us be like joke among di nations, and dem dey shake dia head for us among di pipo.
  7. My disgrace dey for my front everi time, and di shame wey dey for my face don cover me,
  8. becos of di voice of di pipo wey dey laff me and insult me, becos of di enemies and di pipo wey wan revenge.
  9. All dis tins happun to us, but we no fashi you, or turn your agreement up side down.
  10. Awa heart neva look back, and awa leg neva komot from your way.
  11. But you don nack us down seriously for where wild dogs dey, and you don cover us wit di shadow of death.
  12. If we bin fashi Baba-God name, or
    stretch awa hand to pray to foreign god,
  13. shebi Baba-God for know? Becos he
    know di secret wey dey for my heart.
  14. But becos of you, we dey face death from morning till night; dem count us like sheep wey dem wan go kill.
  15. Chai Baba-God wake up! Why you dey
    sleep? Wake up! No fashi us forever.
  16. Why you dey hide your face—con forget awa suffer-head and oppression?
  17. Dem don bring awa soul down to dust; our body dey rub for ground.
  18. Rise up—come epp us; save us becos
    you dey sorry-for pesin!


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