Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 45

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Dis Na Royal Wedding Song

  1. To di producer of music. Set am to “Di
    Lilies.” Dis na Maskil of di sons of Korah. Na love song. My heart dey pour-throway wit some beta inspiration as I dey read my poem for di king; my tongue na di pen of writer wey sabi.
  1. Na you fine pass among men, beta words brekete for your lips.
    So Baba-God don bless you forever.
  2. Tie your sword for your body, Oh
    jagaban! Dress up like king wey get levels.
  3. Ride wit victory as king, for protecting
    truth, humblesness and justice; and your right hand go teach you ogbonge tins.
  4. Make your sharp arrow shuuk di heart of di king enemy, make di nations fall under your leg.
  5. Oh Baba-God your king-chair go last
    forever and ever; staff of justice nahin be di staff of your kingdom.
  6. You love right tins, and you hate
    wickedness; so Baba-God wey be your God don anoint you wit di ororo of happiness, con make you happy—pass all your padi.
  7. Scent of myrrh, and aloes, plus
    cassia—nahin dey for all your cloth; from palace wey dem design wit ivory, wey don make body sweet you.
  8. King daughters dey among your women wey dem respect; di queen stand for your right hand—she dress up wit gold from Ophir.
  9. Oh daughters, make una calm down, and listen to me: Forget your pipo and your papa house.
  10. So di king go seriously want you as you fine; worship am, becos na your Oga.
  11. Di daughter of Tyre go carry gift come, di bigmen among una go fyne your favour.
  12. Di princess dey shine for di palace; na
    gold dem use weave her gown.
  13. Na dress wey get plenty colours she go wear—wen dem wan carry her go meet di King; her friends wey be virgins—go follow her, and dem go come meet you.
  14. Naso dem go come wit jolly plus
    happiness—dem go enta di king palace.
  15. Your sons go become king like dia papa, you go make dem princes for all di earth.
  16. I go make pipo remember your name for all generations; so di pipo go cut-cap for you forever and ever.


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