Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 46

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Na Baba-God Be Awa Pawa And

  1. To di chief musician. Dis na Psalm of
    Korah pikin. Dis na song for Alamoth. Na Baba-God we dey hide awa head put, and nahin be awa pawa, hin epp always dey for us kamkpe—wen yawa gas [wen wahala dey].
  1. So fear no go catch us—even if di earth dey shake, and water carry di mountains enta di middle of big-big-river,
  2. even though di water dey halla, and para, and di mountain dey shake as if e wan burst.
  3. One river dey—wey di water go make
    Baba-God city happy, di holy place where di Most High dey stay.
  4. Baba-God dey inside dat city, she no-fit shake, Baba-God go epp her as morning just dey reach.
  5. Nations dey para, kingdoms dey fall;
    wen Baba-God raise hin voice, di earth dey melt.
  6. Baba-God almighty dey wit us; na God
    of Jacob be awa strong- house.
  7. Make una come see Baba-God works, di scata-scata wey he don carry come di earth.
  8. He stop all di war wey dey di earth; he
    scata all di weapons, he use faya burn di horse-moto.
  9. “Make una chill, con sabi sey na me be Baba-God; my levels go high for all di nations, and my levels go high for di earth.”
  10. Baba-God almighty dey wit us. Na
    Baba-God of Jacob be awa strong-house.


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