Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 48

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Di Levels Of Zion

  1. Dis na Song. Na Psalm of Korah pikin.
    Baba-God great, and dem dey praise am well-well for inside di city of awa God, for hin holy mountain.
  2. E beautiful as e high, na di joy of di
    whole earth, na Mountain Zion for di north side, di city of di ogbonge king.
  3. Baba-God dey inside her palace; dem
    know am asherstrong-house.
  4. Wen di Kings join dia army togeda, and dem march togeda [to attack di city],
  5. dem see am—con surprise, dem dey
    shake, and dem jakpa wit fear.
  6. Fear catch dem for there, and dem dey feel pain like woman wey wan born pikin.
  7. You scata dem like ship of Tarshish wit di strong-breeze from di east.
  8. As we don hear, naso we don see am
    inside di city of God almighty, for inside di city of awa God: Baba-God go stand am gidigbam—forever.
  9. For inside your worship-place, Oh Baba-God, we go dey meditate on your soft-love.
  10. Like your name, naso your praises dey
    reach di end of di earth; your right hand burku wit goodness.
  11. Make Mount Zion jolly, make di
    daughters of Judea dey happy—becos
    of your judgement.
  12. Waka upandan for inside Zion, waka
    round her, count her tall buildings,
  13. reason her walls, reason her palace, so dat una go fit tell di next generation about dem.
  14. Dis na Baba-God, na awa God for ever
    and ever; he go be awa guide reach di end.


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