Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 49

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Na Mumu Dey Depend On Moni

  1. To di producer of music. Dis na Psalm
    for Korah pikin. Make una hear dis one, all di pipo; listen, everi-pesin wey dey stay inside dis world,
  2. both big and small, pipo wey get moni, and pipo wey no get moni:
  3. My mouth go yarn wisdom; and di
    reasoning of my heart—go make pipo sabi understand.
  1. I go listen to proverbs; and wit
    inspiration from strings [harp]—I go explain my twist-tok;
  2. Why I go dey fear becos of evil days,
    wen di evil of badbelle pipo souround me?
  3. Those pipo wey trust dia moni, and wey dey make-mouth becos of di plenty moni wey dem get,
  4. no one of dem fit save dia broda, or pay Baba-God hin life.
  5. To save pesin soul cost well- well, no
    amount fit reach—
  6. so dat dem go live forever, and make dia body no enta grave.
  7. He don see sey even wise men dey
    kpeme; mumu pipo and dondi sef dey
    kpeme, con leave dia moni plus properties for anoda pesin.
  8. Dia mind dey reason sey dia house go
    kontinu forever, and dia house go dey for all generations; and dem name dia land wit dia own name.
  9. But man, even wit hin levels—he no dey last, he be like animal wey dey kpeme.
  10. Na wetin go happun to mumu pipo, and di pipo wey follow afta dem, con believe wetin dem tok.
  11. Like sheep, dem go put dem for grave,
    and death go chop dem. Pipo wey get clean-heart go rule dem for morning; and dia beauty go rotten for inside grave; dem go dey far from dia estate.
  12. But Baba-God go save my life from di
    pawa of grave; he go accept me.
  13. No dey fear wen pesin start to dey make moni, and wen di levels of hin house start to dey burku.
  14. He no go fit carry anytin follow-body
    wen he die, hin levels no-fit follow am enta grave.
  15. Even though he count hinsef as pesin
    wey get blessings wen he dey alive [becos men go praise you wen you dey make am],
  16. he go join hin ancestors, wey no go ever see di light of day again.
  17. Bigman wey no get understanding—be like animal wey dey kpeme.


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