Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 50

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Baba-God Na Di Judge

  1. Dis na Psalm of Asaph. Di Great One,
    Baba-God awa Oga—don yarn, and he dey call di earth from where di sun dey rise—to where e dey go down.
  1. Baba-God dey shine from Zion, wey fine well-well.
  2. Awa God go come, and he no go dey
    quiet; faya go burn for hin front, and strong-breeze go dey round am.
  3. He go call di heaven wey dey up-up, and di earth—so dat he go judge hin pipo.
  4. “Gada my holy-pipo togeda for me, wey I don make agreement wit sacrifice.”
  5. Make di heavens tok about hin goodness, na Baba-God hinsef be Judge.
  6. “Make una listen my pipo, make I tell
    una—chai Israel, and I go tok against una: Na me be Baba-God, una God.
  7. I no go change-am-for una becos of una sacrifice, or una burnt offerings—wey always dey for my front.
  8. I no go collect malu from una house, or goat from una place,
  9. na me get everi animal wey dey inside
    bush, plus di malu wey dey on top of one thousand mountain.
  10. I know everi bird wey dey on top of di
    mountain, plus all di animals wey dey for bush—belong to me.
  11. If I dey hungry, I no go tell you. Na me
    get di world, plus everitin wey brekete inside am.
  12. Abi I dey chop malu, or drink goat
  13. Give tanks-giving to Baba-God, give di
    Most High di tin wey you promise am.
  14. Call me on di day wen palava show-face; I go save you, and you go respect me.”
  15. But Baba-God dey tell wicked pipo sey, “Who give una di right to dey tok about my laws, or use una lips tok about my agreement?
  16. Una no like my teaching, and una put my yarnings for una back.
  17. Wen you see ole, you turn to hin padi;
    and una dey follow pipo wey dey climb pesin wife.
  18. You dey use your mouth tok evil tins, and use your tongue take play wayo.
  19. You sidon dey tok against your brodas, and you dey bad-mouth your own mama pikin.
  20. Na all dis tins you don do, but I no tok
    anytin; you bin tink sey I be like you. But I go change-am-for you, and I go tok all di bad tins wey you don do for your front.
  21. Reason dis mata, you wey don fashi Baba-God, or I go tear you to pieces for ground—and no-pesin go fit save you.
  1. Any-pesin wey praise me—dey
    honour me, and any- pesin wey dey follow di right way, I go show am di salvation of Baba-God.


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