Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 51

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Make Clean Heart Dey Inside Me,
Oh Baba-God

  1. To di chief musician. Dis na Psalm of
    David—wen Nathan di prophet go meet am, afta he sleep wit Bathsheba. Chai Baba-God,
    sorry-for me based-on your soft- love;
    komot my sins based-on how you dey sorry-for pesin well-well.
  2. Wash all my sins komot wella, and clean my sins komot.
  3. I know sey I don commit sins, and my
    sins always dey for my front.
  4. Na against you, na only you I don sin
    against, and I don do evil tins for your front, so dat you go dey right wen you tok, and make you dey correct wen you judge.
  5. True-true, my mama born me inside sin, and na inside sin my mama take carry me for belle.
  6. True-true, you wan make truth dey
    inside me, and you go teach me wisdom deep inside me.
  7. Clean me wit hyssop, and I go dey clean; wash me, and I go white pass snow.
  8. Make me hear joy and happiness; so dat my bones wey you don break fit dey happy.
  9. Carry your face komot from my sins, and komot all my sin.
  10. Make pure heart dey inside me, oh Baba-God, and ginger new correct spirit inside me.
  11. No pursue me komot from your front, or carry your holy spirit komot from me.
  12. Give me back di happiness wey I get wen you first save me, and make me stand for you wit free spirit to obey you.
  13. Den I go teach sinners about your ways, and sinner go change—con dey follow you.
  14. Oh Baba-God, di God wey dey save me, forgive me becos my hand stain wit blood of men, and my tongue go sing loud song about di correct tins wey you dey do.
  15. Oh Baba-God, open my lips, and my
    mouth go praise you.
  16. No be sacrifice dey make body sweet
    you—or I for give you; body no dey sweet you for burnt offering.
  1. Di kain sacrifice wey Baba-God
    want—na humble spirit, oh Baba-God you no go reject humble heart wey ready to repent.
  2. Make body sweet you to prosper Zion;
    build di walls of Jerusalem.
  3. Naso di correct sacrifice go make body sweet you—wit burnt offering, plus full burnt offering; and naso dem go give mal for your altar.


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