Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 52

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Baba-God Judgement Plus Grace

  1. To di chief musician. Dis na Maskil of
    David—wen Deog, di Edomite go tell Saul sey, “David don go Ahimelech house.” Why you dey use evil dey make- mouth, oh strong man? Baba-God goodness dey last
  2. Your tongue dey plan scata- scata, like sharp razor—you always dey package lie.
  3. You love evil pass beta tins, you like lie-lie instead of to tok di truth.
  4. You love everi yarnings wey dey shuuk
    pesin, chai wayo tongue!
  5. Baba-God must surely scata you forever: He go carry you komot,
    and he go pluck you from where you dey stay, con komot you from di land of di living.
  6. Good pipo go see, con fear; dem go laff am, con tok sey,
  7. “See di man wey no make Baba-God hin pawa, but he con trust hin plenty moni, and he give hinsef pawa inside wickedness!”
  8. But I be like green olive tree for inside
    Baba-God house; I go trust Baba-God love wey no dey fail for ever and ever.
  9. I go praise you forever—becos of wetin you don do; I go put my hope on your name for front of your holy-pipo becos your name dey good.


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