Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 55

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Dem Don Betray Me

  1. To di music producer. Wit string
    instrument. Dis na Maskil of David. Make you listen to my prayer, Oh Baba-God, no throway-face as I dey ask for epp!
  2. Hear me, and ansa me. I no dey taya to complain, and I dey raise my voice dey cry.
  3. Becos of di voice of enemy, becos of di oppression of wicked pipo; dem dey put wahala for my head, dem hate me wit vex.
  4. My heart dey seriously pain me inside; di fear of death dey for my head.
  5. My mind dey cut, and my body dey shake; fear don cover my head.
  6. I con tok sey, “Chai, I wish sey I get feathers like dove! I go fly go where I go fit rest—
  7. True-true, I for fly go far-far, and I go stay for desert;
  8. I go rush escape from di heavy breeze and strong breeze.
  9. Oh Baba-God, scata badbelle pipo, make dem no understand each oda, becos I don see fight- fight and kwanta inside di city.
  10. Day and night, dem dey waka upandan on di city walls; evil plus wahala full inside am.
  11. Scata-scata dey for di city; oppression and wuru-wuru no dey komot from di streets.
  12. If enemy dey insult me, I fit endure am, if badbelle pipo wan change-am-for me, I fit komot for where dem dey.
  13. But na you, wey be man like me, my padi, my pesina-pesin—
  14. wey we bin dey share beta ideas togeda, and we bin dey waka togeda—enta Baba-God house wit plenty pipo.
  15. Make dem kpeme; make dem bury dem alive, evil dey stay wit dem, and e dey among dem.
  16. As for me, I go call Baba-God, and Baba-God go save me.
  17. Evening, morning and afta-noon—I go pray and cry out, and Baba-God go hear my voice.
  18. He don save my soul in peace f rom di fight wey I dey face—plenty pipo bin dey against me.
  19. Baba-God wey dey since olden day—go hear me, con put kasala for my enemies head—becos dem no gree change, and dem no dey fear Baba-God.
  20. He don use hin hand take change-am-for pipo wey dey live in peace wit am; he don break di promise wey he make.
  21. Hin yarnings smooth pass butter, but na fight full hin mind; hin word soft pass ororo, but he don carry sword.
  22. Carry your load give Baba-God, and he go protect you; he no go ever let good pipo shake.
  23. But you, oh Baba-God, you go bring down di wicked man inside di pit of scata-scata; men wey dey drink blood, and wey dey do mago-mago—no go live reach half of dia life. But as for me, I go trust you.


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