Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 57

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Baba-God Abeg Epp

  1. To di producer of music. Set di music to, “No Dabaru.” Dis na poem of David—wen he dey run from Saul inside rock. Sorry-for
    me, oh Baba-God, sorry-for me! My soul trust you. And I go hide inside di shadow of your feathers until wahala waka pass.
  2. I cry out to you Baba-God Most High, I cry to Baba-God wey dey do everitin for my life.
  3. He go send from heaven, and he go save me, he dey disgrace di pesin wey wan swallow me. Baba-God go send hin mercy plus truth.
  4. My soul dey for among lions; I dey sleep among men wey dia blood dey hot—men wey get teeth like long-sharp-weapon and arrow, men wey dia tongue sharp like sword.
  5. Oh Baba-God, make you high pass di heavens, make your levels big pass di whole earth.
  6. Dem throw net for my leg; my soul bow down. Dem dig hole for my road—but na dem fall inside di hole.
  7. My heart dey faithful, Oh Baba-God; my heart dey faithful. I go sing—con praise you.
  8. Wake up, my soul! Wake up, harp and lyre! I go wake up di morning.
  9. Oh Baba-God, I go praise you among di Nations; I go sing to you—among di pipo.
  10. Your mercy high reach heaven; your truth reach di clouds.
  11. Oh Baba-God, make your level rise pass heaven; make your levels high pass di earth.


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