Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 58

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Abeg Punish Badbelle Pipo

  1. For di producer of music. To di tune of, “No Scata.” Dis na Poem of David. Rulers, una true-true dey use una church-mind dey tok di right tin? Man pikin, una dey use justice judge pipo?
  2. Eehnn…for inside your heart you dey do evil; and you dey use your hand take make pipo dey fight tru- out di land.
  3. Wicked men don miss-road since wen
    dem komot from dia mama belle; dem waka miss-road as dem born dem—dem be lie-lie.
  4. Dia poison be like poison for snake
    mouth, dem no dey listen like cobra wey deaf, wey no gree hear di music of di jazz-man no mata as he play wit hin skill.
  5. Break di teeth wey dey dia mouth, Oh
    Baba-God, break di sharp teeth of di young lions komot, Oh Baba-God!
  6. Make dem flow komot like water wey
    dey run steadily; make dia weapon no work for dem—make dia arrow break to pieces.
  7. Like snail wey dey melt, make everi one of dem pass go, like pikin wey die for e mama belle, so dat dem no go ever see di sun.
  8. Make badbelle pipo sweep komot wit
    rolling-breeze before faya wood start to dey make pot hot—Baba-God go blow dem komot wit vex as dem dey alive.
  9. Good pesin go happy wen Baba-God don revenge for dem, he go use wicked man blood take wash hin leg.
  1. Naso pipo go con tok sey, “Baba-God
    still dey pay good pipo; surely Baba-God dey—wey dey judge di earth.”


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