Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 59

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Dis Na Prayer For Freedom

  1. To di chief musician. Set am to di tune of, “No Scata.” Dis na Michtam of David, wen Saul send men and dem con dey spy David house to kill am. Oh Baba-God, free me from my enemies; protect me from those pipo wey wan fight me.
  2. Save me from pipo wey dey do evil tins, and save me from men wey like to shed blood.
  3. See as dem dey wait for me for corner! Oh Baba-God my Oga, strong men gada togeda dey plan bad for my back. Even though I no offend or sin against dem.
  4. I no do anytin wrong, but dem wan still fight me. Rise up make you epp me, and see as I be!
  5. Oh Oga God Almighty, di Oga of Israel,
    wake up make you punish all di nations; no sorry-for wicked sinners.
  6. Dem go come back for evening—dey
    halla like dogs, dem dey waka upandan di city.
  7. See wetin dey komot from dia
    mouth—sword dey komot from dia lips, and dem tok sey, “Who fit hear us?”
  8. But you, Oh Baba-God, you laff dem,
    you go yab all di nations.
  9. Na you be my strength, I go wait for you to save me; you—Oh Baba-God, na you dey defend me.
  10. My God wey dey sorry-for pesin—go
    come meet me; Baba-God go let me see my wish for my enemies.
  11. But no kill dem, oh Baba-God, or my
    pipo go forget. Scata dem wit your pawa, and fall dia hand, oh Baba-God awa defense.
  12. Becos of di sins wey dem commit wit dia mouth, plus di words from di a
    lips—evensef, make di mouth wey dem dey make—catch dem, and becos of di curses and lies wey dem
    dey tok,
  13. Burn dem wen you dey para, burn dem until dem no dey again, and make dem know reach di end of di earth sey na Baba-God dey rule Jacob.
  14. Dem come back for evening dey halla like dogs, dem dey waka upandan di city.
  15. Dem dey waka upandan for food, dem dey make noise if dem no chop belleful.
  16. But I go sing about your pawa; yes…for morning—I go sing wit loud voice about as you take dey sorry-for pesin, becos na you dey protect and defend for di day of palava.
  17. Chai my Strength, I go sing praises to you; becos na Baba-God dey defend me, my God wey dey sorry-for pesin.


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