Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 62

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To Depend On Baba-God

  1. To di music producer. To Jeduthun. Dis na Psalm of David. True-true, my soul dey cool down wait for Baba-God. Na Baba-God my salvation dey from come.
  2. Na only Baba-God be my rock and
    salvation; I no go shake becos na Baba-God dey defend me.
  3. How long una go dey fight pesin? All of una go kpeme, all of una—like wall wey don bend, and fence wey dey shake?
  4. Dem only dey plan to bring am down
    from hin high position. Dem like to lie. Dem go bless you wit dia mouth, but na curse dey dia mind.
  5. Only on Baba-God nahin my soul dey
    cool down dey wait for, and my hope dey come from am.
  6. Na only Baba-God be my rock and
    salvation; Baba-God na my protection—no-shaking for me.
  7. Na Baba-God dey save me and nahin be my levels; na di rock of my pawa, and na inside Baba-God I dey hide my head.
  8. Oh pipo, trust Baba-God everi time; pour your heart give am, na inside Baba-God we dey hide awa head.
  9. Ajekpako just be like breath; ajebuta na scam. If dem check dia weight, dem be notin; togeda dem just be like breath.
  10. No depend on oppression, or use tiff-tiff take make-mouth; even though you don dey make plenty moni, no put your mind on di moni.
  11. Baba-God don tok once, but na two times I hear am; sey pawa belong to Baba-God.
  12. Baba-God nahin get mercy sef; you dey pay everi-pesin based- on wetin di pesin do.


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