Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 65

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Tanking Baba-God For Nature

  1. To di music producer. Dis na Psalm of
    David. Dis na song. Oh Baba-God, praise dey wait for you for inside Zion; na you we go pay awa promises to.
  2. Oh you wey dey hear prayer, na you all
    men dey come meet.
  3. Sin cover my head, and as for di wrong tins wey we do, you go forgive dem.
  4. Blessings for di man wey you choose to come meet you—so dat he go dey inside your holy house! We go belleful wit di beta tins for inside your house—and inside your holy worship-place.
  5. You go ansa us [awa prayers] wit
    ogbonge works of goodness, Oh Baba-God wey dey save us, na you be di hope of ends of di earth, and even di big-rivers wey dey far-far.
  6. Na you make di mountains wit your
    strength, and you wear pawa.
  7. Na you tell water wey dey vex—to cool
    down, and di wave wey dey para, plus di katakata wey dey for di nations.
  8. Those pipo wey dey stay far- far—dey
    fear your wonders; you make day break and evening fade—wit songs of happiness.
  9. You dey take care of di land and you dey water am; you make di land good well-well wit water wey brekete inside Baba-God stream, na you dey make dia farm produce food, naso you don do am.
  10. You dey water di farm land wey don set for planting, and you soak dem wit water, you use rain make am soft, and you bless di plants to grow.
  1. You crown di year wit beta blessings,
    and yanfu-yanfu dey drop for your way.
  2. Dem drop full di grasslands of di desert; happiness nahin cover di hills.
  3. Animals burku for field, and na food
    brekete for di valley; dem shout wit
    happiness, and dem dey sing sef


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