Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 66

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Praise Plus Tanks-giving

  1. To di chief musician. Dis na song. Na
    Psalm. Make una shout wit happiness to Baba-God—all di earth!
  2. Sing about di levels of hin name; cut-cap for am wit praises!
  3. Tell Baba-God sey, “Your handwork na
    elele! Your pawa great well- well— sote your enemies go surrender demsef to you.
  4. Everi-pesin for di earth go worship you, and dem go sing to you; dem go sing praise to your name.”
  5. Come see wetin Baba-God don do, see di ogbonge work wey he do for pipo!
  6. He turn big-river [sea] to dry land, dem
    use leg pass tru di water—we happy for wetin he do for there.
  7. He dey rule forever wit hin pawa, hin
    eyes dey observe di nations—no let pipo wey dey rise against you—carry-shoulder-up.
  8. Oh pipo, make una bless awa God, and raise your voice to praise am.
  9. He dey keep awa life among di living,
    and he no gree let us fall.
  10. You, Oh Baba-God, you don test us; you don make us pure like silver.
  11. You carry us enta trap, con put heavy
    load for awa back.
  12. You allow men march awa head; we pass tru faya and water, but you carry us enta place wey brekete wit good tins.
  13. I go come your worship-place wit burnt offerings, I go pay my promises to you—
  14. promises wey my lips yarn, and wey my mouth tok wen wahala hook me.
  15. I go sacrifice animal wey be ororbor—to you, wit sweet scent of ram; I go give you plenty malu plus goats.
  16. Make una come hear—all of una wey
    dey fear Baba-God; I go tell una wetin he don
    do for my soul.
  17. I cry to am wit my mouth, and I praise am wit my tongue.
  18. If to sey I carry sins inside my heart, Baba-God for no hear me.
  19. But Baba-God don surely listen, con hear my voice wen I pray.
  20. Praise be to Baba-God, wey neva fashi my prayer, or stop to sorry-for me!


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