Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 67

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Make All Nation Praise Baba-God

  1. For di producer of music. Wit
    instruments wey get strings. Dis na Psalm. Dis na Song. Baba-God sorry-for us—con bless us, and make your face shine on us,
  2. so dat di pipo for earth go sabi your way, and your salvation among all di nations.
  3. Make pipo praise you Oh Baba-God;
    make everi-pesin praise you.
  4. Make di nations jolly—con sing wit
    happiness, becos you go judge di nations in di right way, and you go rule di nations of di earth.
  5. Make di nations tuale for you, Oh Baba-God; make all di pipo praise you.
  6. Naso di land go con bring hin harvest,
    and Baba-God awa own God—go bless us.
  7. Baba-God go bless us, and everi-pesin
    wey dey di world go fear am.


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Pidgin Bible na did new Bible translation for Pidgin English Language. Di Bible dey easy to read and understand and e get Pidgin dictionary sef, wey go epp pipo understand more.

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