Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 68

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Di Real God

  1. For di producer of music. Dis na song.
    Na Psalm of David. Make Baba-God stand up, and make hin enemies scata; make di pipo wey hate Baba-God jakpa wen dem see am.
  2. As breeze take dey blow smoke komot, make you blow dem komot; as candle-water take dey melt wen faya touch am, naso badbelle pipo go kpeme for Baba-God front.
  3. But make body sweet pipo wey get
    clean-heart, and make dem jolly for Baba-God front; eehn…make dem dey happy well- well.
  4. Sing to Baba-God, sing praises to hin
    name, cut-cap for am wey dey move on top of clouds—wit hin name—JAH, and make you happy for hin front.
  5. He be di papa of pipo wey no get papa, nahin dey defend widows—na Baba-God for inside hin holy house.
  6. Baba-God dey put pesin wey no get
    family for inside family, he dey release prisoners from chains to prosperity; but pipo wey dey do evil—go live for dry land.
  1. Oh Baba-God wen you waka for front of your pipo, wen you lead
    dem pass di desert,
  2. di earth shake, heaven pour down rain
    for Baba-God front, Sinai esef shake for Baba-God front—di God of Israel.
  3. Oh Baba-God, you make rain fall
    brekete; wey you use take confam your pipo for di land—wen dem taya.
  4. Your pipo settle for di land, and you
    provide for poor pipo from your goodness, Oh Baba-God.
  5. Baba-God don tok di word, and plenty
    pipo nahin spread di good news.
  6. “Kings of armies jakpa sharp- sharp;
    sote women of Israel wey dey for house—go pack di beta tins wey dem leave.
  7. Even though you sleep around sheep-house, you go be like di feathers of dove wey cover wit silver, and her feathers wit yellow gold.”
  8. Wen Baba-God Almighty scata di kings wey dey di land, e be like wen white snow dey fall for di Mountain of Zalmon.
  9. Di mountain of Baba-God na di
    mountain of Bashan. Bashan na high
    mountain wey get plenty high place.
  10. Oh mountain wey get plenty high place, why you dey use jealousy look di mountain where Baba-God don choose to reign, for where Baba-God hinsef go stay forever?
  11. Baba-God horse-moto na twenty
    thousand, even thousands of angels; Baba-God dey among dem for hin holy-place as he bin dey for Sanai.
  12. You don move go up-up, you carry
    prisoners follow-body; men give you gifts, even pipo wey don rebel give you gift—so dat Baba-God di Oga go stay among dem.
  13. Praise be to Baba-God wey dey load us wit good tins everi day. Di God wey dey save us!
  14. Awa God na di God wey dey save pesin, and na Baba-God fit make us escape from death.
  15. Baba-God go break hin enemies head,
    and he go drag di hair from di head of di pipo wey dey follow dia way of sin.
  16. Baba-God tok sey, “I go bring dem from Bashan; I go bring dem from di deep-deep inside di big-river,
  17. so dat una go waka on top of di blood of una enemies, as di tongue of your dog sef go collect hin own share.”
  1. Dem don see your parade, Oh Baba-God; di parade of my God and King to enta hin holy-place.
  2. Di singers dey for front, afta dem—na di musicians, plus di yarinya [babes] wey dey shake di sheke- sheke.
  3. Praise Baba-God for where plenty pipo gada; praise Baba-God for where Israel pipo gada.
  4. E get one small tribe wey dem dey call
    Benjamin wey dey lead dem, princes of Judah plus dia pipo, princes of Zebulun, plus di princes of Naphtali.
  5. Show your pawa, give strength, oh
    Baba-God, to wetin you don do for us.
  6. Because of your worship-place wey dey Jerusalem, kings go bring gift for you.
  7. Change-am-for di wild animals wey dey among di plants, change-am-for di plenty malu wey dey among di pikin of di nations. Until everi-pesin lay low, con bring pieces of silver. Scata di nations wey like war.
  8. Princes go come from Egypt; Cush go
    lay low for Baba-God.
  9. Sing for Baba-God, Oh kingdom of di
    earth, make una sing praise for Baba-God,
  10. to am wey dey ride on di heaven of heavens—wey dey since olden days, to am wey dey shout like thunder.
  11. Make una tok about di pawa of Baba-God, wey hin levels dey on top Israel, wey hin pawa dey for di sky.
  12. Oh Baba-God, you be elele for inside
    your holy-place; Baba-God of Israel dey give pawa and strength to hin pipo. Praise be to Baba-God!


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