Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 69

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Dis Na Cry Of Palava

  1. For di music producer. Set to di tune of “Liles.” Dis na Psalm of David. Save me, Oh Baba-God, becos di water don reach my neck.
  2. I dey sink for inside pit of portor- portor, for where I no-fit stand put. I don enta inside deep water, where di plenty-water don cover me.
  3. I don taya to dey cry; my throat don dry. My eyes don dey close as I dey wait for my
  4. Those pipo wey hate me for no
    reason—plenty pass di hair wey dey for my
    head; di pipo wey wan scata me get pawa well-well. Dem be my enemies for no reason. Dem wan make I pay for wetin I no tiff.
  1. Oh Baba-God, you know my mumu way, and I no hide my sins from you.
  2. Make disgrace no catch those pipo wey dey put dia hope on you becos of me—Oh almighty God; make shame no catch pipo wey dey fyne you—becos of me, Oh Baba-God of Israel.
  3. Becos of you—I dey maintain as dem
    dey treat me anyhow, and shame don cover my face.
  4. I don turn to jjc to my brodas, I be like
    foreigner to my own mama pikin;
  5. becos di seriousness of your house don full my head, and di insult wey pipo dey insult you don fall on me.
  6. Wen I cry and fast, dem insult me.
  7. Pipo con carry my mata for head, wen I wear sackcloth.
  8. Those pipo wey dey sidon for front of di gate dey bad-mouth me, and na me ogogoro-man take dey sing.
  9. But as for me, I dey pray to you, Oh
    Baba-God, for di time wey you go accept: Oh Baba-God, hear me, as you dey sorry-for pesin well- well—becos you dey keep your promise to save me.
  10. Save me from portor-portor, no let me
    sink, save me from those pipo wey hate me, and from water wey deep.
  11. No let plenty-water cover my head, or let deep water carry me go, or let pit swallow me.
  12. Hear me, oh Baba-God, becos your soft-love dey good, turn face me based-on your soft mercy wey burku.
  13. No throway-face from your servant;
    ansa me quick-quick becos I dey for inside wahala.
  14. Come near my side make you save
    me; save me becos of my enemies.
  15. You know as dem dey treat me anyhow, you know my shame plus disgrace; all my enemies dey for your front.
  16. My heart don break becos dem don use me do anyhow, and palava burku inside me; I fyne pesin wey fit show me soft-heart, but I no see any-pesin, I fyne pesin wey go cool me down, but I no see any- pesin.
  17. Dem serve me poison as food, con give me sawa drink—wen water dey hungry me.
  18. Make dia table turn to trap for dem; and make dia flexing turn to trap.
  19. Make dia eyes cover wit darkness so dat dem no go fit see, and make dem always dey shake.
  20. Para for dem; make your serious vex cover dem.
  21. Make dia house empty, make no-pesin live inside dia house.
  22. Pipo wey you wound nahin dem dey show pepper, and dem dey do amebor about di pain of those pipo wey you nack.
  23. Put punishment upon punishment for dia head, and no allow dem enta your correct way.
  24. Komot dia name from di book of life, and make dia name no dey wit good pipo name.
  25. I dey poor and sad, chai Baba-God, carry me go up.
  26. I go praise Baba-God name wit music, con give am levels wit tanks-giving.
  27. E go make Baba-God belle sweet am pass ox or malu, wey get horns plus e leg wey divide to two for under.
  28. Low-key pipo go see am and dia belle go sweet dem—you wey dey fyne Baba-God—your heart go live!
  29. Baba-God dey hear poor pipo, and he no go fashi prisoners.
  30. Make heaven plus earth cut- cap for am, di water plus everitin wey dey move inside am.
  31. Baba-God go save Zion and he go build di cities of Judah. Naso dem go settle down for there—con claim am as dia own.
  32. Baba-God servant pikin-pikin- pikin go inherit am, and pipo wey love Baba-God name go stay for di land.


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