Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 72

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Prayer For Di Oba [King]

  1. Dis na Psalm of Solomon. Oh Baba-God, give di king your justice, and give di king pikin [prince] your goodness.
  2. He go judge your pipo in di right way,
    and poor pipo wit justice.
  3. Di mountain go bring alafia [peace] to di pipo, and di hills go bring goodness.
  4. He go give justice to di pipo wey dey
    suffer among di pipo, he go save di pikin of pipo wey need epp, and he go scata di oppressor to pieces.
  5. Dem go fear you as long as di sun and moon dey for all generations.
  6. Make di king be like rain wey dey fall for farm wey dem don clear, like showers wey dey water di land.
  7. Good man go prosper for hin life wit
    peace wey brekete—as long as di moon dey shine.
  8. He go rule from big-river to big-river,
    and from di river [ river Euphrates]—to di end of di earth.
  9. Di tribes for inside di desert go bow
    down for hin front, and hin enemies go lick dust.
  10. Di king of Tarshish, plus kings of di
    islands go bring gifts; di kings of Sheba and Seba go carry gift come meet am.
  11. Yes, everi king go dobale for am, and all nations go serve am.
  12. He go save poor pipo wey dey cry to am, pipo wey dey suffer- suffer, and pipo wey no get pesin to epp dem.
  13. He go epp poor pipo and pipo wey no get shi-shi, and he go save di soul of pipo wey need epp.
  14. He go save dem from oppression, and from anytin wey go wound dem, and he no go use dia blood play.
  15. And He go live long. Dem go give am gold from Sheba. Pipo go always dey pray for am, and dem go praise am everi day.
  16. Food go yanfu-yanfu for di earth, make food brekete on top of di hills. Make di fruit trees grow like di trees of Lebanon; and make di pipo prosper for di cities—like grass of di earth.
  17. Hin name go last forever, hin name go kontinu as long as di sun dey shine. He go make all nations prosper, and dem go call am blessing.
  18. Praise Baba-God di Oga, di God of Israel—na only am dey do ogbonge tins.
  19. Praise be to hin name wey get levels forever! Make di whole earth burku wit hin levels. Amen! Iseee!
  20. Dis na di end of di prayers of David—Jesse pikin.


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