Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 73

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Di Destiny Of Evil Pipo

  1. Dis na Psalm of Asaph. True- true, Baba-God dey good to Israel, to those pipo wey get pure heart.
  2. But as for me, my leg almost dror-fall;
    my leg almost komot from ground.
  3. I con dey jealous pipo wey dey make-mouth, wen I see as evil pipo take dey
  4. Dem no dey suffer any pain wen dem
    wan kpeme; but dem strong kakaraka.
  5. Dem no get di kain palava wey pipo get; and dem no dey face di kain yawa wey oda pipo dey face.
  6. Nahin make to dey make- mouth—be
    like necklace for dem; dem tie fight-fight for body like wrapper.
  7. Dia eyes don fat, dem get pass di tins wey dia heart dey wish for.
  8. Dem dey laff and dem dey tok wit bad-mind about oppression, dem dey tok tins wey big pass dem.
  9. Dem dey bad-mouth heaven, and dia
    tongue dey waka upandan di earth.
  10. So Baba-God pipo turn to dem, and dem drink di full cup of dia yarnings.
  11. Dem tok sey, “How Baba-God go take know? Abi Baba-God know anytin?”
  1. Naso wicked pipo be—wey dey prosper inside di world, and dem dey make more moni.
  2. Surely I don keep my heart pure in vain, con wash my innocent hand.
  3. Suffer full my head from morning till
    night, and I dey face punishment everi
  4. If to sey I tok sey, “I for tok like dis,”
    True-true, I for don betray di generation of una pikin.
  5. Wen I con try to understand dis tin, di tin pain me well-well,
  6. until wen I con enta inside Baba-God
    holy-place; I con understand di destiny of wicked pipo.
  7. True-true, you don put dem for place
    wey dem go dror-fall; you scata dem for ground finish.
  8. See as dem don scata finish—now-now-now! Serious yawa don sweep dem komot
  9. Like dream wen pesin wake up, so Baba-God wen you wake, you go fashi dem from your mind.
  10. So my heart con dey cry and my spirit
    dey vex,
  11. I bin no-get-sense at all, and I be olodo; I bin dey like animal for your front.
  12. Upon dat, I still always dey wit you, you hold me wit my right hand.
  13. You go guide me wit your advice, and
    las-las you go carry me wit levels.
  14. Who I get for heaven except you? Notin dey for dis earth wey I wish for—except you.
  15. My body and my heart fit fail, but na
    Baba-God be di strength wey dey my heart, and nahin be my own forever.
  16. True-true, those pipo wey dey far from
    you—go kpeme; you don scata those wey no dey faithful to you.
  17. But e dey good for me to carry body near Baba-God. I don put my trust on Baba-God


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