Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 74

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Baba-God Abeg

  1. Dis na Maskil of Asaph. Oh Baba-God,
    why you don fashi us forever? Why you dey use vex dey rise like smoke—against di pipo of your green-land?
  2. Remember di pipo wey you buy tey-tey, di tribe wey belong to you, wey you save—remember Mount Zion wey you don stay.
  1. Carry your leg face di scata- scata wey no dey finish. Di enemy don scata everitin inside your holy-place.
  2. Your enemies dey shout for where your pipo dey gada; dem set dia flag as sign.
  3. Dem be like men wey dey carry axe to
    cut big trees.
  4. Your enemies use dia axe plus
    hammer—take scata all di artwork wey dey carved.
  5. Dem burn your holy-place reach ground; dem spoil your place of worship.
  6. For dia heart dem tok sey, “Make we
    scata dem kpatakpata!” Dem don burn everi where wey pipo dey worship Baba-God for di land.
  7. We no see any miracle signs, no prophet dey again, and no-pesin know how long all dis tins go last.
  8. Oh Baba-God, how long di enemy go
    dey yab you? Shwoo….your enemies go dey insult your name forever?
  9. Why you dey drag your hand go back,
    even your right hand? Stretch your hand come out—make you scata dem!
  10. Oh Baba-God, na you be my King since olden days. You don bring salvation come di earth.
  11. Na you divide di big-river wit your
    pawa; you break di head of di dragon for inside water.
  12. Na you break di head of di dragon to
    pieces, and you con give am as food to di desert nations.
  13. Na you open springs and streams; you make big river dry.
  14. Na you get di day, na you sef get di night; na you make di sun plus moon.
  15. Na you make all di borders of dis earth. Na you make cold- season plus hot-season.
  16. No forget how di enemies don yab you, chai Baba-God, and how mumu pipo bad-mouth your name.
  17. No give di life of your dove to wild
    animals; no forget di lives of those pipo wey dey suffer forever.
  18. Keep your agreement wey you make wit us, becos wickedness burku for everi dark corner for di land.
  19. No let pipo wey dem dey oppress use
    disgrace run go back; make poor pipo plus pipo wey need epp—praise your name.
  20. Rise up Oh Baba-God make you defend your way; remember as mumu pipo dey yab you everi day.
  1. No forget as your enemies dey raise dia voice—di katakata of those pipo wey dey rise against you dey burku more-more.


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