Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 76

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Baba-God Of Victory Plus

  1. To di main producer of music. On
    instrument wey get one string. Dis na
    Psalm—Song of Asaph. Dem know Baba-God for Judah; and hin name great for Israel.
  2. Na inside Salem Baba-God worship-place dey, hin house dey for Zion.
  3. Na for there he break di arrows and
    bows, di shield plus di sword, and di
    weapons for war.
  4. You get levels and you fine pass
    mountain wey bush meat plenty put.
  5. Dem obtain strong men, dem sleep dia last sleep; none of di warriors fit raise dia hand go up.
  1. Oh Baba-God of Jacob, wen you use vex tok—both horse and horse-moto kpeme.
  2. Na only you pipo suppose dey fear. Who
    fit stand for your front wen you dey vex?
  3. From heaven—you give your
    judgement, and di earth fear, con dey silent,
  4. oh Baba-God, wen you stand up to
    judge—to save all di pipo wey dem dey oppress for di land.
  5. True-true, men dey give you more levels wen dem change-am-for you, and you go deck-up wit di remaining vex.
  6. Make promise to Baba-God, and do
    wetin you promise; make all di pipo wey dey round am—carry gifts con meet Baba-God wey dem suppose dey fear.
  7. He go cut di spirit of rulers komot, and di kings of di earth dey fear am.


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