Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 77

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Na Baba-God Dey Cool Pesin Down

  1. To di Chief producer. To Jeduthun. Dis
    na Psalm of Asaph. I cry to Baba-God wit my voice. I cry to Baba-God wit my voice—and he hear me.
  2. I fyne Baba-God, wen I dey inside
    wahala; tru-out di night I stretch my hand to pray, and I no taya. My soul no gree cool down.
  3. I remember Baba-God, and I cry; I
    complain, and my spirit con dey weak.
  4. You no let my eyes close; my wahala
    burku—sote I no-fit tok.
  5. I con reason olden days, and di life of
  6. I remember my song for night, I meditate for my heart, and my spirit dey fyne you seriously:
  7. “Shwoo..Abi Baba-God wan fashi me
    forever? Abi he go fit show us hin favour again?
  8. Abi he don stop to sorry-for
    pesin forever? Abi hin promises don fail forever?
  9. Abi Baba-God don forget to show us hin grace? Abi he don use vex stop to sorry-for us wit jeje?”
  10. I con tok sey, “Dis na my wahala; but I go remember di year of di right hand of di Oga kpatakpata.”
  11. I go remember wetin Baba-God don do; Yes, I go remember di miracles wey you don do tey-tey.
  1. I go meditate on all your works sef, con tok about your works.
  2. Oh Baba-God, your ways dey holy,
    which god great like awa God?
  3. Na you be di God wey dey perform
    miracle; you show your pawa among di pipo.
  4. You don use your big hand take save
    your pipo, di sons of Jacob plus Joseph.
  5. Oh Baba-God, di Red sea see you, di
    water see you—con dey fear; di big-river wey deep con dey shake.
  6. Rain pour from di clouds, di heavens
    sound wit thunder; your arrow of lightning dey flash.
  7. Dem hear your thunder inside di rolling-breeze, your lightning light up di world. Fear catch di earth, and di earth con dey shake.
  8. Your road pass tru di big-river, your
    ways pass tru big-big water, and no-pesin sabi your steps.
  9. You use Moses and Aaron hands take
    lead your pipo as shepherd take dey lead sheep.


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