Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 78

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Baba-God Love Hin Pipo

  1. Dis na Maskil of Asaph. Oh my pipo,
    make una hear wetin I dey teach una; listen to di words wey dey komot from my mouth.
  2. I go open my mouth wit parables, I go tok plenty coded yarnings from olden days—
  3. tins wey we don hear, and wey we
    know—wey awa papa don tell us.
  4. We no go hide dem from awa pikin; we go tell di next generation about di praises of Baba-God, about hin pawa and hin ogbonge works wey he don do.
  5. He give di law to Jacob, and he put law down for Israel—wey he tell awa ancestors to teach dia pikin,
  6. so dat di generation wey go come go sabi dem, even di pikin wey dem neva born go rise—con tell dia pikin sef.
  7. Make dem put dia hope on Baba-God,
    and make dem no fashi all di tins wey Baba-God don do, but make dem keep hin commandment;
  8. and dem no go be like dia papa-papa-papa—generation wey get coconut-head and wey no gree hear-word, wey no put dia heart straight, and wey dia spirit no dey follow Baba-God.
  9. Di children of Ephraim turn back, even wit dia weapon and bows—for di day of war.
  1. Dem no gree keep Baba-God agreement,
    and dem no gree obey Baba-God law.
  2. Dem forget wetin Baba-God don do, di
    miracles wey he don show dem.
  3. He do great miracles for dia papa
    front—for di land of Egypt, for di fields of Zoan.
  4. He divide di big-river, con carry dem
    pass tru; he make di water stand up like wall.
  5. He guide dem wit di cloud for day, and
    wit di light of faya for night.
  6. He break di rock for desert, con give dem plenty water like big-river;
  7. He make streams flow komot from rock, con make water flow like rivers.
  8. But dem con dey commit sin more-more against Baba-God, becos dem no gree follow di word of Baba-God Most High—for inside desert.
  9. Dem test Baba-God for dia heart—by
    asking for food wey dem wish for.
  10. True-true, dem bad-mouth Baba-God,
    dem tok sey, “Abi Baba-God fit arrange table for us for inside desert?
  11. Wen he nack di rock, water rush come
    out and stream flow brekete. But he go fit give us food sef? He fit give hin pipo meat?”
  12. Baba-God hear dem, naso he vex well-well, hin faya change-am-for Jacob, and he para for Israel,
  13. becos dem no gree believe Baba-God, or trust sey Baba-God go save dem.
  14. Upon dat, he command di cloud for up, and he open di door of heavens;
  15. manna fall from heaven like rain—so dat hin pipo go chop, he give dem food from heaven.
  16. Men con dey chop angel food; he give
    dem enuff food to make dem belleful.
  17. He make di east breeze blow for di
    heavens, and by hin pawa, he bring di south breeze.
  18. He make meat drop from heaven like
    dust, fawo wit feather wey plenty like sand-sand for beach.
  19. He make di fawo fall around dia camp, and round where dem dey stay.
  20. Dem chop—con belleful, and he give
    dem wetin dem want.
  21. He no stop to give dem dia
    wish, but even wen di food still dey for dia mouth,
  22. naso Baba-God vex for dem; he kill dia strongest men, con cut down di best men of Israel.
  1. Upon all dis, dem still kontinu to dey sin, and dem no gree believe di ogbonge works of Baba-God.
  2. So he waste dia life, and dem live dia life wit fear.
  3. Any time wey Baba-God kill dem, dem
    go con dey fyne am; dem go con
    serious—rush go meet am again.
  4. Dem con remember sey na Baba-God be dia rock, and sey na di Most High God dey save dem.
  5. But dem con whyne am wit dia sweet-mouth—and dem lie to Baba-God wit dia tongues.
  6. Dia heart no gree obey Baba-God, and
    dem no dey faithful to hin agreement.
  7. But becos of hin soft-heart, he forgive
    dia sins, and he no dabaru dem. Many times, he stop to dey vex for dem, and he no para for dem.
  8. He remember sey dem just be flesh, like breeze wey dey blow dey go—and wey no dey come back.
  9. Plenty-plenty times dem provoke am for inside di desert, and dem make am vex for inside di desert!
  10. Everi time, everi time, dem test Baba-God, and dem use small- eyes take look di Holy One of Israel.
  11. Dem no remember hin pawa—and di
    day wey he save dem from dia enemy—
  12. di day wey he show hin miracle signs for Egypt, and hin wonders for di fields of Zoan.
  13. He turn dia river to blood, plus dia
    streams—sote dem no-fit drink from am.
  14. He send plenty flies wey chop dem, plus frogs wey scata dem.
  15. Baba-God send grasshopper to chop dia plants, and locust chop wetin dem produce.
  16. He dabaru dia plants wit ice- stone, and dia fig trees wit plenty-water.
  17. He use ice-stone nack dia malu, and
    lightning strike dia animals.
  18. He change-am-for dem like faya; as he para, wit vex, plus kasala—by sending angels wey dey scata-scata among dem.
  19. He prepare road for hin vex, and allow
    death swallow dem, and he let disease nack dem.
  20. He kill all Egypt first born, di best of dia young men for di land of Ham.
  21. But he carry hin pipo come out as
    shepherd dey lead sheep, he carry dem like sheep pass inside desert.
  22. He guide dem safely—sote fear no catch dem, but water carry dia enemies go.
  23. Naso he carry dem reach di border of hin Holy land, to one mountain wey hin right hand don choose.
  24. He pursue nations komot from dia front, con give dem di land as dia own; he settle di tribes of Israel for dia tent.
  25. But dem con dey test Baba-God, dem con dey provoke Baba-God, wey be Oga kpatakpata; and dem no gree follow hin word.
  26. Like dia papa, dem turn back wit unfaithfulness, dia way con bend like bow wey don kpafuka.
  27. Dem make am vex wit di shrine wey dem build for oda gods, and dem make am jealous—wit dia idols wey dem carve.
  28. Wen Baba-God hear dem, naso vex catch am; he con reject Israel kpatakpata.
  29. He fashi di worship-place of Shiloh; di place wey he dey stay among men.
  30. He let enemies catch hold hin pawa, and hin levels enta hin enemies hand.
  31. He let enemies kill hin pipo wit sword; he vex well-well for di pipo wey belong to am.
  32. Faya burn dia young men, and dia young babes no-fit marry.
  33. Dem kill dia priests wit sword, and dia widows no-fit cry.
  34. Naso Baba-God con wake up—like sey he bin dey sleep, like strong man wey dey shout becos he don high.
  35. He beat hin enemies back; he make shame catch dem forever.
  36. Naso he fashi di house of Joseph, and he no gree choose di tribe of Ephraim;
  37. but he choose di tribe of Judah, Mount Zion wey he love.
  38. He build hin holy-place as high as di heavens, like di earth wey he stand gidigbam forever.
  39. He choose David hin servant, con carry am from sheep-house;
  40. from taking care of sheep—to be di leader of hin pipo—Jacob, and Israel—wey belong to am.
  41. And David lead dem wit hin clean-heart, and he guide dem wit hin hand wey get skill.


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