Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 79

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Sadness On Top Jerusalem

  1. Dis na Psalm of Asaph. Chai Baba-God,
    di nations don take over your land; dem dondey spoil your holy worship-place, dem don scata Jerusalem for ground finish.
  2. Dem don carry your servants deadbody—give birds wey dey fly for sky, dem don carry di flesh of your holy- pipo—give wild animals of di earth.
  3. Dem don pour your servants blood like water, all around Jerusalem, wit no-pesin to bury dem.
  4. Awa neighbours dey yab us, those pipo wey dey around us dey use us play, and dem dey laff us.
  5. 5. Oh Baba-God, how long you go dey vex forever? How long your jealousy go dey burn like faya.
  6. Para for di nations wey no gree know you, and for di Kingdoms wey no gree call your name.
  7. Dem don scata your pipo—Jacob, and dem don scata di place wey you dey stay.
  8. No use di sins wey we commit before-before take judge us. Sorry-for us kiakia, becos we dey low-key.
  9. Epp us, Oh Baba-God awa Saviour, for di glory of your name. Free us, and forgive us awa sins—becos of your name!
  10. Why di nations go dey tok sey, ‘Where dia God dey sef?’ For front of awa eyes, show yoursef among di nations-sey you dey revenge di blood of your servants wey dem shed.
  11. Baba-God, hear di cry of prisoners; use your big pawa take save pipo wey dem don sentence to death.
  12. Oh Baba-God, pay back seven wey dem yab you. times to awa neighbours, all di yab
  13. So dat we wey be your pipo, and di sheep of your green-land—go always tank you forever. And we go praise you from generation to generation.


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