Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 80

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Dis Na PrayerTo Build Us Again

  1. To di main producer. Set am to di tune of “Di Lilies of di Covenant.” Dis na psalm of Asaph. Oh Shepherd of Israel, hear us, you wey lead Joseph like sheep; you wey sidon for king-chair—for di middle of two Cherubim, shine come out!
  2. Ginger your pawa to save us for front of di tribes of Ephraim, Benjamin plus
  3. Chai Baba-God, build us again, make
    your face shine and we go dey saved.
  4. Chai Baba-God Almighty, for how long you go dey vex for di prayers of your pipo?
  5. You don use bread of tear take feed dem, you don make dem drink plenty tears.
  6. You don make awa neighbours dey fight us, and awa enemies dey yab us among demsef.
  7. Chai Baba-God, build us again, make your face shine and we go dey saved.
  8. You bring vine komot from Egypt; you drive di nations komot, and you con plant am.
  9. You clear di land for am, e get root, e grow, con spread for di land.
  10. Di mountains con cover wit shades, and di big cedars wit e branches.
  11. Her branch long reach di big-river, and her branch long go reach di River [River Euphrates].
  12. Why you con scata her wall, so dat pipo wey dey pass dey pluck her fruit?
  13. Boars from forest dey uproot am, and wild animals dey chop am anyhow.
  14. Come back to us again, abeg—chai Oluwa Almighty. Look down from heaven Make you see! Visit your fruits,
  15. di grape farm wey your right hand don plant, di branch wey you make strong for yoursef.
  16. Your plant don cut from ground, con burn wit faya; dem kpeme as you change-am-for dem.
  17. Make your hand dey on di man of your right hand—on man pikin wey you don make to dey strong for yoursef.
  18. So we no go fashi you; ginger us again—and we go call your name.
  19. Build us again, oh Baba-God almighty; make your face shine—and we go dey saved.


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