Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 81

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Sing Loud To Baba-God, Wey Be
Awa Pawa

  1. To di Chief producer. On di instrument
    of Gath, dis na Psalm of Asaph. Make una sing wit loud voice to Baba-God wey be awa strength; raise your voice wit happiness—to di God of Jacob!
  2. Start di music, shake di sheke-sheke,
    play di sweet sound of harp plus lyre.
  3. Blow di trumpet for di New moon; for di full moon—on di day of awa holy Festival.
  4. Dis one na Baba-God law for Israel, na
    law of di God of Jacob.He don put am as law for Israel wen he move tru-out di land of Egypt, where I hear language wey we no understand.
  5. “I komot hin shoulder from di load, and hin hands con dey free from carrying basket.
  6. Una call wen wahala dey for una head, and I save una, I ansa una inside di secret place of thunder; I test una for di water of Meribah.
  7. “Chai my pipo, make una hear, and I go teach una—if una fit listen to me, Oh Israel!
  8. Make no foreign gods dey among una; and make una no worship any foreign god.
  9. Na me be Baba-God una Oga, wey carry una komot from Egypt.
  10. Open your mouth wide, and I go make you belleful.
  11. “But my pipo no go gree hear my voice, and Israel no gree obey me.
  12. So I con free dem to follow dia stubborn heart—make dem follow dia own plan.
  13. “If only my pipo go fit listen to me, if Israel fit follow my ways,
  14. I go sharp-sharp march dia enemies, and I go con use my hand take change-am-for dia enemies!
  15. Those pipo wey hate Baba-God go pretend to obey am, and dia punishment go last forever.
  16. But he go feed dem wit di best wheat, and make dem belleful wit honey from rock.”


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