Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 83

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Dis Na Prayer To Fall My Enemies

  1. Dis na song—na Psalm of Asaph. Oh
    Baba-God, make you no dey silent; no keep quiet, Oh Baba-God, no just dey like dat.
  2. See as your enemies dey ginger, see as pipo wey no like you dey carry dia head up.
  3. Dem dey plan wuru-wuru for your pipo; and dem dey plan bad tins against di pipo wey you dey protect.
  4. Dem tok sey, “Come make we scata dem, make dem no-fit form dia nation; so dat pipo no go fit remember di name of Israel again.”
  5. Dem plan togeda wit one mind; dem sign agreement to change am for you—
  6. di pipo of Edom, plus di Ishmaelites;
    Moab plus Hagrites,
  7. Gebal, Ammon and Amelek, Philistia
    wit di pipo of Tyre.
  8. Even Assyria don join dem: dem don epp Lot pikin.
  9. Do dem wetin you do to Midian, Siseria and Jabin for di river of Kishon,
  10. wey kpeme for En Dor, dem con be like yama-yama for ground.
  11. Make dia leaders be like Oreb and Zeeb, yes, all dia princes like Zebah and Zalmunna,
  12. wey tok sey, “Make we claim Baba-God land as awa own property.”
  13. Oh Baba-God, make dem be like dust
    inside breeze—like chaff for inside breeze!
  14. As faya take dey burn forest, and as faya dey burn for mountain,
  15. naso you go pursue dem wit your heavy-breeze, and make dem fear wit your strong-breeze.
  16. Oh Baba-God, use shame cover dia face so dat dem go fyne your name.
  17. Make shame and fear catch dem forever, make dem kpeme wit disgrace.
  18. Make dem know sey you—wey na only
    your name be Baba-God, and na you be Oga kpatakpata for di full earth.


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