Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 87

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  1. Dis na song or Psalm for di sons of
    Korah. He don set hin foundation on top of di holy mountain;
  2. Baba-God love di gates of Zion pass all di house of Jacob.
  3. Na beta tins dem dey tok about you, oh city of God.
  4. “I go count Rahab and Babylon—among di pipo wey know me—Philistia sef, plus Tyre, plus Ethiopia—dem born dis one for Zion!
  5. And dem go tok dis tin about Zion, “Dem born dis one and dat one for inside her,” and di Most High hinsef go make her stand gidigbam.”
  6. Baba-God go write inside di
    register of di pipo sey, “Na Zion dem born dis one put,”
  7. Both di singers and di pipo wey dey play instrument—sey, “All my water wey dey flow—dey inside you.”


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