Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 88

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Dis Na Prayer For Freedom From

  1. Dis na Song. Na Psalm of di son of
    Korah. To di music producer. Based-on “Di suffer-head of palava.” Dis na Maskil of Heman di Ezrahite. Oh Baba-God, na you be di God wey dey save me, day and night nahin I dey cry for your front.
  2. Make my prayer reach your front, bend your ear to hear my cry.
  3. Wahala full my soul, and e be like sey I wan kpeme.
  4. Dem don count me among pipo wey dem go bury; I be like pesin wey no get any pawa.
  5. Dem leave me wit deadbody, like pipo
    wey don die inside grave—wey you no
    remember again, and wey don cut komot from your hand.
  6. You don put me inside deepest pit, inside darkness, inside di deep- deep side.
  7. Your vex dey press me down wella, you don suffer me wit all your waves.
  8. You don pursue my padi far komot from my side, and you don make me be like yama-yama for dia eyes. I dey locked up, no way for me to komot;
  1. my eye dey close becos of cry- cry. Oh
    Baba-God, I don call you everi day. I don carry my hand give you.
  2. Abi you fit show your wonders to
    deadbody? Abi those pipo wey don die go raise up to praise you?
  3. Abi na for grave dem go tok about your soft-love, or tok about your faithfulness where everitin don dabaru?
  4. Abi dem fit see your wonders for where light no dey, or your good ways for di land of di dead?
  5. But oh Baba-God, I don cry out to you;
    for morning my prayer dey come meet you.
  6. Oh Baba-God, why you dey fashi my
    soul—why you dey hide your face from me?
  7. l don dey suffer since wen I small—like sey I wan kpeme. I dey suffer from your wahala, and palava cover me.
  8. Your serious vex don cover me, your
    kasala don cut me komot.
  9. Dem surround me everi day like
    water—dem cover me for everi angle.
  10. You don carry my padi and pipo wey I
    love—komot from my side, and na darkness nahin be my padi now.


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