Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 89

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Baba-God Agreement Wit David

  1. Dis na Maskil of Ethan di Ezrahite. I go sing about Baba-God mercies forever, wit my mouth, I go tok about Baba-God faithfulness to all generations.
  2. I don tok sey—“Mercies go stand
    gidigbam forever, and you go stand your faithfulness kamkpe for inside heaven.
  3. “I don make agreement wit di pesin wey I choose, I don swear to David my servant sey,
  4. ‘Your pikin-pikin-pikin go stand
    gidigbam forever, and I go build your king-chair for all generations.’”
  5. Di heavens go praise your wonders, oh Baba-God, and your faithfulness sef—for where di holy-pipo gada put.
  6. Who dey for heaven wey dem fit use take compare Baba-God? Who be like Baba-God among di sons of di great ones?
  7. Dem dey fear Baba-God wella—for
    where hin holy-pipo gada, and everi pesin wey dey for hin side dey respect am.
  1. Oh Baba-God Almighty, who get pawa
    like you, oh Baba-God? Your faithfulness sef surround you.
  2. Na you dey control di big-big-rivers wey dey rise; wen e waves rise go up, na you dey cool dem down.
  3. You don break Rahab to pieces like
    deadbody; you scata all your enemies—wit your strong hand.
  4. Na you get di heavens, na you get di earth sef. Na you make di world—plus everi-everi wey dey inside am.
  5. Na you make di north plus di south;
    Tabor and Harmon dey sing wit happiness for your name.
  6. Your hand strong well-well, your hand
    na kakaraka, your right hand get levels.
  7. Goodness plus justice nahin be di
    foundation of your king-chair; mercy plus truth dey waka for your front.
  8. Oh Baba-God, blessings for those pipo wey know di joyful sound! Oh Baba-God, dem go waka for di light wey dey shine for your front.
  9. From morning till night nahin dem dey
    happy for your name, and your goodness go carry dem up.
  10. Na you be di levels of dia strength, and by your favour awa horn don raise go up.
  11. Baba-God na awa defense, and di Holy One of Israel nahin be awa Oba.
  12. One time like dat, for inside vision, you follow your pipo tok sey, “I don give epp to one pawaful pesin, I don give levels to one pesin wey I choose from di pipo.
  13. I don see David my servant; I don anoint am wit my holy ororo.
  14. My hand go give am pawa; true-true my hand go make am strong.
  15. No enemy go fit oppress am, no wicked man go fit press am down.
  16. I go beat hin enemies down for hin front, and I go scata di pipo wey hate am.
  17. My faithfulness and my mercy go dey
    wit am, and wit my name—hin horn go get levels.
  18. I go make hin right hand rule di big-river, and hin right hand go control di rivers.
  19. He go halla me, ‘Na you be my Papa, my God, and di rock wey dey save me.’
  20. I go choose am as my firstborn sef, as di king wey get levels pass for earth.
  21. My mercy go keep am forever, and my
    agreement go stand strong wit am forever.
  22. I go stand hin pikin-pikin-pikin forever, and hin king-chair go dey as long as di heaven dey forever.
  23. “If hin pikin fashi my law, and if dem no gree follow wetin I tell dem to do,
  24. If dem break my law, and no gree keep my commandment,
  25. I go punish dia sins wit iron, and use koboko flog dem for dia wrong tins;
  26. but I no go carry my soft-love komot from am kpatakpata, or allow my faithfulness fail.
  27. I no go break my agreement or change-mouth.
  28. Once and for all, I don swear wit my holiness—and I no go lie to David
  29. sey hin pikin-pikin-pikin go kontinu forever, and sey hin king-chair go be like di sun for my front.
  30. Di king-chair go stand gidigbam forever like di moon—even like my faithful witness for sky.”
  31. But you don fashi me, you don reject me, and you dey vex for di pesin wey you don anoint.
  32. You don reject di agreement wey you make wit your servant, and you don spoil hin crown—con put am for sand-sand.
  33. You don break all hin wall, con scata hin strong-house.
  34. Everi-pesin wey dey pass—dey steal di tins wey he get, and hin neighbours dey use am laff.
  35. You don give levels to hin enemies right hand; you don make all hin enemies dey happy.
  36. You don turn your sword face back, and you no gree support am for fight.
  37. You don fall all hin levels, con put hin king-chair for sand-sand.
  38. You don cut di days of hin youth short; con cover am wit shame.
  39. How long Baba-God—wey you go dey hide yoursef forever? How long your vex go burn like faya?
  40. Remember as my life short reach, abi you make man pikin for notin?
  41. Which man dey alive wey no go kpeme?
  42. Abi he fit save hin life from di pawa of grave?
  43. Oh Baba-God, where di soft- love wey you bin swear to David inside your truth?
  44. Oh Baba-God, no forget di disgrace wey your servants dey face, see as I take dey carry di insult of all di plenty pipo for my heart, di insult wey your enemies don take yab everi step of di pesin wey you anoint, chai Baba-God.
  45. Praise be to Baba-God forever! Amen!


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