Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 90

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Baba-God Dey Forever

  1. Dis na prayer of Moses wey be Baba-God man. Baba-God, e don tey wey you be awa house, for all generations.
  2. Before you make di mountains, or even before you make di earth, plus di world, and even from everlasting to everlasting na you be Baba-God.
  3. You dey turn men back to dust, and you dey tok sey, “Oh man pikin, go back to dust,”
  4. One thousand years for your eyes—just be like yesterday wen e pass, or like four hours for night.
  5. You sweep dem komot like plenty-water; dem be like sleep. For morning, dem be like grass wey dey grow.
  6. E dey grow for morning and e dey shine, but before evening—dem don cut am down, and e go dry finish.
  7. We dey kpeme as you dey para, and we dey shake as you dey vex.
  8. You don put awa sins for your front, awa coded sins dey for di light wey dey shine for your front.
  9. All awa days dey waka go as you dey vex for us, and we dey spend awa life like tori wey dem dey gist.
  10. Awa life no pass seventy years—if we
    get pawa reach—eighty; on top of dat, na only hustle, plus wahala pipo fit use make-mouth. Awa days go pass sharp-sharp, and we go fly komot.
  11. Who sabi di pawa of your vex? Your vex big like di fear wey pipo get for you.
  12. Teach us how to count awa days, so dat awa heart go sabi wisdom.
  13. Oh Baba-God, come back to us! How
    long? And show your servant your soft-heart.
  14. Make us belleful early wit your mercy,
    so dat we go fit celebrate, and dey happy all awa life!
  15. Make us jolly reach di numbas of days wey you don punish us, replace di evil days wit good times.
  16. Make your work show-face to your
    servant, and make your glory dey on dia pikin.
  17. Make di beauty of Baba-God awa Oga—dey upon us, and make awa business stand—yes, make awa business stand.


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