Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 91

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For Baba-God Hand

  1. Pesin wey dey stay under di coded place of di Most High, go rest under di shadow of di Oga kpatakpata.
  2. I go tok about Baba-God, “Nahin be my strong-house, and nahin I dey hide my head put; na my God wey I trust.”
  3. True-true he go save you from di trap of di hunter, and from bad-bad disease.
  4. He go use hin feather cover you, and you go hide your head under hin feathers. Hin truth go be your guard and protection.
  5. You no go fear di wahala for night, or di arrow wey dey fly for day,
  6. or di bad-bad disease wey dey waka for darkness, or di kasala wey dey burst for day time.
  7. One thousand pipo fit fall for your side, and ten thousand for your right hand, but e no go come near you.
  8. You go only see am wit your eyes, con
    see as Baba-God go take punish evil pipo.
  9. Becos you don make Baba-God your
    protection, and you dey live inside di Most High,
  10. evil tin no go reach where you dey stay, and no bad disease go come near your house.
  11. He go put hin angels to take care of you, to guard you for all your ways.
  12. Dem go carry you wit dia hand, so dat
    you no nack your leg for stone.
  13. You go march on top lion and cobra; you go march young lion, plus snake under your leg.
  14. “Becos he don love me, so I go save am, I go carry am go up—becos he don sabi my name.
  15. He go call me and I go ansa am; I go dey wit am for inside wahala. I go save am—con honour am.
  16. I go make am belleful wit long life, and I go show am my salvation.”


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