Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 92

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Baba-God Goodness

  1. Dis na Psalm. Na music for Sabbath day. E dey good to tank Baba-God, and to sing praises to your name, oh Most High;
  2. to tok about your soft-love for morning, and your faithfulness everi night,
  1. wit musical instrument wey get ten
    strings, wit lute, plus harp; wit sounds wey
  2. You, oh Baba-God, your works dey
    make me happy; I go sing wit happiness
    becos of your handwork.
  3. Oh Baba-God, see as your work great
    well-well, and your tinking deep well-well!
  4. Mumu man no-fit know, and mugu no
    understand dis tin:
  5. wen badbelle pipo grow like grass, and wen evil pipo dey shine, na becos dem go kpeme forever.
  6. But you, Oh Baba-God, you dey up
  7. Surely your enemies, oh Baba-God, your enemies go surely kpeme; everi-pesin wey dey do evil tins go scata.
  8. But you don carry my horn go up like
    malu for bush. You don anoint me wit fresh ororo.
  9. My eyes sef don see di tins wey I wish for my enemies; my ears don hear di tins wey I wish for my enemies.
  10. Good pipo go grow like palm tree, dem go grow like cedar of Lebanon.
  11. Those pipo wey get dia root inside Baba-God house—go shine for inside Baba-God house.
  12. Dem go still produce fruit for old
    age, dem go dey fresh and dem go dey shine.
  13. Dem go tok sey, “Baba-God way
    straight; nahin be my rock, and wickedness no dey inside am.”


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