Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 94

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Baba-God Na Di Judge

  1. Oh Baba-God, di God wey get revenge.
    Chai Baba-God wey dey revenge, shine come out!
  2. Rise up, oh judge of di earth; punish di
    pipo wey dey make- mouth.
  3. Oh Baba-God, how long wicked pipo,
    how long wicked pipo go dey win?
  4. How long dem go dey miss- yarn? All di badbelle pipo sabi make-mouth well-well.
  5. Oh Baba-God, dem break your pipo to
    pieces, and dem wound di pipo wey be your own.
  6. . Dem kill widows and foreigners,
    plus pipo wey no get papa.
  7. And dem tok sey, “Baba-God no dey see; di God of Jacob no dey understand.”
  8. Understand dis, una wey no-get- sense for di community; una wey be swegbe, wen una go get sense?
  9. Abi you tink sey me wey give una
    ear—no dey hear word? Abi me wey give una eyes—no dey see?
  10. Abi di Pesin wey dey command di
    nations—no dey correct pipo? Abi Pesin wey dey teach man—con be olodo?
  11. Baba-God know all di tins wey man dey plan for hin mind; he know sey dem dey useless.
  12. Oh Baba-God, blessings for di man wey you dey correct, and di man wey you dey teach your word,
  13. so dat you go cool am down from days of wahala, until evil pipo enta grave.
  14. Baba-God no go fashi hin pipo, he no go ever leave di pipo wey belong to am.
  15. Judgement go dey based-on justice
    again, and all pipo wey get clean-heart go follow am.
  16. Who go stand up to epp me fight evil
    pipo? Who go stand, con change-am-for badbelle pipo for me?
  17. If to sey no be Baba-God wey con epp
    me—I for don settle inside silence.
  18. If I tok sey, “My leg dey dror-fall,” chai
    Baba-God, na your mercy dey carry me up.
  19. Wen wahala burku for my mind, na you cool my soul wit happiness.
  20. Abi corrupt govment wey dey make
    wayo law—fit be your padi?
  21. Dem gada togeda against di life of pesin wey get clean-heart, con condemn innocent blood.
  22. But Baba-God na my defender, and namy God—di rock wey I dey hide my head put.
  23. He don repay dem for dia sins, and he go cut dem komot inside dia wickedness; Yes, Baba-God awa Oga go cut dem komot.


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