Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 97

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Baba-God Pawa

  1. Baba-God dey reign, make di earth dey happy; make di plenty islands jolly.
  2. Cloud plus darkness dey around am;
    goodness plus justice na di foundation of hin govment.
  3. Faya dey burn for hin front—wey dey
    burn all hin enemies round am.
  4. Hin lightning dey give di world light; di
    earth see am—and dem con dey shake.
  5. Di mountains dey melt like candle-water for Baba-God front, for front of di Oga kpatakpata of all di earth.
  6. Di heavens dey tok about hin goodness, and all di pipo dey see hin levels.
  7. Make shame catch all di pipo wey dey
    worship idol—those pipo wey dey make-mouth wit dia idols. Make all di gods worship am!
  8. Zion hear am—con dey celebrate, and di daughters of Judah dey happy—becos of your judgement, Oh Baba-God.
  9. Oh Baba-God, na you be di Most High
    for di whole earth; you get levels pass all di gods.
  10. Make all of una wey love Baba￾God—hate evil tins. He dey guard di lives of
    hin holy-pipo, con komot dem from wicked pipo hand.
  1. Light dey shine for good pipo, and
    happiness dey for di pipo wey get clean-heart.
  2. Jolly inside Baba-God, all of una wey be beta pipo, and praise hin holy name.


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Pidgin Bible na did new Bible translation for Pidgin English Language. Di Bible dey easy to read and understand and e get Pidgin dictionary sef, wey go epp pipo understand more.

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