Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 99

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Baba-God Dey Faithful

  1. Baba-God dey on-board, make di
    nations dey shake; he sidon among
    cherubims, make di earth shake.
  2. Baba-God na ogbonge for Zion; he get
    levels pass all di nations.
  3. Make dem praise your ogbonge and elele name—He dey holy.
  4. Di King wey be jagaban—love di right
    tins; you don stand your justice gidigbam; you don do wetin dey fair and wetin dey right inside Jacob.
  5. Make una cut-cap for Baba-God awa
    Oga, and make una worship for front of hin stool—He dey holy!
  6. Moses plus Aaron dey among hin priest, and Samuel dey among those pipo wey call hin name; dem call Baba-God and he ansa dem.
  1. He follow dem tok from di pillar of
    cloud; dem keep hin law, plus di
    commandment wey he give dem.
  2. Oh Baba-God—awa Oga, you ansa dem, you be God wey dey forgive Israel, even though you punish dem for di bad tins wey dem do.
  3. Make una cut-cap for Baba-God—awa
    Oga, con worship for hin holy mountain,Baba-God—awa Oga dey holy.


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