Ecclesiastes Chapter 3

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Time Dey For Everitin

  1. Everitin get e season, and time dey for everitin wey dey happun—for under heaven [life na turn by turn]:
  2. Time dey wey dem go born pesin, and time dey for di pesin to kpeme; time for planting dey, and time dey to pluck wetin dem plant.
  3. Time for killing dey, and time to heal dey: Time to break down, and time to build;
  4. Time dey for cry-cry and time dey for laff-laff; time dey to mourn, and time dey for dance-dance.
  5. Time dey to scata stones, and time dey wen dem go gada stones togeda; time dey to hold tins join body, and time dey to komot hand from tins.
  6. Time dey for pesin to get tins, and time dey for pesin to lose tins; time to keep tins dey, and time to throway dem dey.
  7. Time dey to tear, and time dey to sew; time dey for pesin to dey silent, and time dey to yarn.
  8. Time for love dey, and time to hate dey; time for war dey, and time for peace dey.
  9. Wetin pipo dey gain from all dia hustle [hard work]?
  10. I don see di hard work of pain wey Baba-God don give di sons of men to dey do.
  11. He make everitin fine for hin time: evensef, he don put di everlasting world for inside men heart, so dat no man go fit sabi di works wey Baba-God don make from di starting to di end.
  12. I know sey notin beta for dem pass make dem dey happy, and to do good all dia lives.
  13. And make everi man chop and drink, con enjoy everitin wey he don work for—dis na gift from Baba-God.
  14. I know sey everitin wey Baba-God dey do dey last forever; notin fit add-join and notin fit komot from am. Baba-God don do am like dis, so dat pipo go fear am.
  15. Wetin dey happun now, and wetin go happun—don already happun before. But, Baba-God no dey forget, he dey fyne wetin don happun before. (He dey make tins happun again.)

Injustice of Life16. But I notice sometin wey dey happun under di sun; I see sey wickedness dey for where justice suppose dey, and I see sey evil dey for di place where goodness

suppose dey. (Evil for inside court).

17. I con tok for inside my heart sey, ‘Baba-God go judge both good and bad pipo; becos time dey for everitin wey dey happun and for everi work.

18. I still reason for inside my heart about di condition of human being. Baba-God dey test dem so dat dem go fit see sey demsef be like animals.

19. Las-las, na wetin go happun to human being—nahin go happun to animal sef; as one take dey die, naso di oda one sef dey die. True-true, dem get di same breath; man no get anytin wey beta pass animal—all of dem no make-sense (na vanity).

20. All of dem dey go di same place; all of dem come from dust, and dem go go back to dust.

21. Who fit confam sey human being spirit dey go up-up, and sey animal spirit dey go down-down inside di earth?

22. So I see sey notin beta pass sey make pesin enjoy wetin he hustle for; becos na dat one be hin share: becos who fit carry am come back to see wetin go happun afta he don komot?


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