Ecclesiastes Chapter 10

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    Wisdom and Mumu

  1. Fly wey don die go make bottle of perfume dey smell, naso one small mumu tin dey spoil wise man wey get levels and respect.
  2. Wise man heart dey for hin right hand; but mumu pesin heart dey for hin left hand.
  3. Even as mumu pipo dey waka for road, dem no-get-sense, and dem dey show demsef sey dem be swegbe to everi pesin.
  4. If di spirit of your oga raise up against you, no komot from your place. If you calm down, he fit forgive you.
  5. E get one evil tin wey I dey see for dis earth, na error wey rulers dey do:
  6. Dem dey give mumu pipo levels, and dem dey make rich pipo sidon for low place.
  7. I don see servants dey ride horses, and prince con dey trek like servants for di earth.
  8. Any pesin wey dig hole—go fall inside di hole, and any pesin wey break wall, snake go bite am.
  9. Stone fit wound any pesin wey dey work for stone-factory; and wood fit wound any pesin wey dey cut wood.
  10. If axe no sharp again, and pesin no gree sharp am, dat mean sey di pesin go use more pawa to work: but wisdom dey give pesin sense to do di correct tin wey go bring success.
  11.  If snake bite pesin before di pesin use jazz take control am, wetin di pesin con gain?
  12. Di words from wise man mouth get grace, but di lips of mumu pesin go swallow hinsef.
  13. Yeye dey smell follow hin mouth as he start to dey yarn, and di end of hin tok na yeye evil tok.
  14. Mumu pesin no dey taya to tok. No pesin know wetin go happun next, and who fit tell man wetin go happun to am afta?
  15. Mumu man work dey taya dem; he no sabi how to go di city.
  16. Wahala for di land wey di king na small pikin, and wey dia princes dey chop for morning.
  17. Blessings for di land wen di king na di son of man wey pipo respect for di community, and di princes dey chop for di correct time—for pawa, and no be for highness!
  18. Plenty smesme dey make house spoil, and laziness dey make roof lick.
  19. Party na to make pipo laff, and wine na to make pipo happy, but moni dey ansa everitin.
  20. No curse di king, even for inside your mind; or curse rich pipo, even for inside your room; becos bird wey dey fly for sky fit carry di tori, and bird wey dey fly fit tok di mata.


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