Ecclesiastes Chapter 11

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Cast Your Bread On Top Of Plenty Water

  1. Put your bread for plenty water, and afta many days, dem go come back to you.
  2. Invest for seven business; yes, even eight business, becos you know di kain kasala wey fit burst for dis earth.
  3. If cloud don heavy wit water, rain go fall for di earth. If tree fall face north or south. Na for where e fall face, na for there e go dey.
  4. Any farmer wey dey wait for di perfect weather—no go plant, and if he dey look di cloud—he no go harvest.
  5. As pesin no take sabi di way of spirit, or how bones take dey grow for inside woman wey get-belle; evensef, pesin no fit sabi di works of Baba-God wey make everitin.
  6. Plant your seed for morning, and for evening—no stop to dey plant, becos you no know di one wey go succeed, whether na dis one or dat one, or whether na both of dem fit succeed.

Enjoy Your Years

7. Light true-true sweet, and na beta tin for di eyes to see di sun.

8. But if man live for plenty years and he happy for all hin days; but make he still remember di days of darkness, becos those days go plenty. Notin go make-sense (na vanity).

9. Oh young man, happy for di days wen you youth. Follow wetin your heart want and wetin your eyes see: but know sey Baba-God go judge everitin wey you dey do.

10. So komot sadness from your heart, and komot evil tins from your body: becos your youth age and your days as small-pikin—no-make-sense becos e no dey last (na vanity).


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