Ecclesiastes Chapter 12

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Remember Baba-God Wey Make You—Wen You Still Young

  1. Remember Baba-God wey make you, wen you still be young, before di days of palava show-face, and di years go come wen you go tok sey, “Life no sweet again.”
  2. Remember am before di sun, moon, di light, plus di stars—start to dey dark, and di clouds of rain start to dey always dark for your sky.
  3. Remember am before your legs—wey dey carry your body—start to dey shake; and before your shoulders—di strong men—start to dey bend. Remember am before your teeth—you servants wey remain—stop to dey grind; and before your eyes—di women wey dey look from window—start to dey close.
  4. Remember am now, before di doors of opportunity go close for street, and before di sound of work  (grinding machine) start to dey fade, and wen you go rise up for di first sound of di birds, but all dia sound go low for you.
  5. Remember am before you start to dey fear to fall from any place wey high, and worry about gbege for road; remember am before your hair white like almond tree wey dey bring out e flower, and you go dey drag yoursef like grasshopper wey don dey kpeme, and notin dey move body again. Remember am before you near grave, wey be your everlasting house, and pipo go dey cry for street.
  6. Remember am before di silver chain [of life] loose, or di golden bowl break, and di container break for where water dey flow, or before di rope of di ifami cut inside well.
  7. And di dust go go back to ground as e bin dey before, and di spirit go go back to Baba-God wey give am.
  8. Vanity upon vanities, all na vanity (everitin no-make-sense)—naso di preacher tok.

Di Fear Of Baba-God Na Di Koko

9. Evensef, becos di preacher na wise man, he still teach di pipo tins. Yes, he give beta reasoning, he listen to plenty proverbs, and he arrange plenty proverbs.

10. Di teacher calm down to fyne beta words, and wetin he write na di correct tins plus di truth.

11. Di words of wise man be like sharp stick wey farmer dey use take make animal move, and  di words of pesin wey know-book—be like nails wey dem hammer well-well. Dem be from Baba-God wey be di One shepherd of all.

12. My pikin, I dey warn you against anytin wey pass dis ones; to write plenty books no dey finish, and to read much books dey make pesin taya.

13. Make we hear as di whole mata take end: Fear Baba-God and do wetin he tell you to do: becos na dis be all di work wey man get.

14. Becos Baba-God go judge everitin wey men do, even everi coded tin, whether na good or bad tin.


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