Ecclesiastes Chapter 2

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Di Vanity of Flexing

  1. So I tell my heart sey, “Come, now, I go test you wit jolly-jolly, so chop-life”; but dis tin sef no-make-sense (na vanity).
  2. So I tok sey, “Laff na madness,” and, “Wetin we dey gain from flexing?”
  3. Afta I reason well-well for my heart, I try to make mysef happy wit wine, as my heart of wisdom dey guide me, and I try to be like mumu—until I fit see wetin dey good for men to do under di sun, all di days of dia life.
  4. I make ogbonge works; I build houses, I plant grape-farms:
  5. I make gardens and playing ground wit fruits trees, and I plant different-different fruit trees for there.
  6. I make pools for water, to water di forest of trees wey dey grow.
  7. I gada servants and house girls, and dem born servants for inside my house; I still get plenty properties of big and small malu, apart from wetin dey for Jerusalem:
  8. I gada silver plus gold, and beta-beta-tins tins of kings and kingdoms. I employ di best singers—both man and woman. I get plenty side-chicks, plus everitin wey man dey wish for, and different-different music instrument.
  9. Naso I con be great man, and I succeed more-more pass di pipo wey dey before me for Jerusalem, and my wisdom no ever fail me.
  10. Anytin wey my eyes wan see, nahin I feed my eyes wit; I no stop my heart from any happiness; becos my heart happy for all my hand work: and na dis be my pay inside all my hard work.
  11. Naso I look all di works wey my hand don make, and all di hustle wey I hustle to do: and see, everitin no-make-sense (all na vanity)—e be like sey pesin wan catch breeze wit hin hand. Notin pesin dey gain for all di hard work for under sun.

Di End of Wise man and Mumu Man

12. So I turn, con reason wisdom, mumu tins, and madness, I con ask, “Wetin di next king wan do wey go pass wetin I don already do?”

13. Naso I see sey wisdom pass mumu, as light take pass darkness well-well.

14. Wise man eyes dey for hin head, but mumu pipo dey waka inside darkness; but I notice sey both wise and mumu pipo dey end in di same way.

15. I con reason for inside my heart sey, ‘Wetin dey happun to mumu pipo nahin dey happun to me sef. So why I con wise? Naso I tok for inside my heart sey, ‘Dat one sef no make-sense (na vanity).

16. Becos pipo no dey remember wise pesin pass mumu pipo forever, since I dey see sey dem go still forget wetin dey happun dis days, and as wise man take dey kpeme just like mumu pesin sef dey kpeme.

17. Nahin make I con hate life, becos di wahala of di works for dis earth be like evil to me; everitin no-make-sense (na vanity)—e be like sey pesin wan catch breeze.

18. Yes, I con hate all my works wey I don do for under sun, becos I go leave am for di man wey go come afta me.

19. And who know whether he go be wise man or mumu man? But he go still control everitin wey I don work for, plus di tins wey don confam me as wise man for under di sun. Dis one sef no –make-sense (na vanity).

20. Naso I my heart turn, con dey frustrate about all di works wey I don do under di sun.

21. Pesin go work wit wisdom, wit wetin he sabi, and wit hin talent, las-las dem go leave wetin dem don work for—for pesin wey no work for am. Dis kain tin no-make-sense (na vanity), and na serious evil.

22. Wetin man dey gain from all hin hustle, plus all di tins wey dey worry him heart for—as he dey work under sun?

23. Becos all hin days brekete wit wahala, and hin work na stress, even for night hin heart no dey gree rest. Dis kain tin sef no-make-sense (na vanity).

24. So I tok sey, “E no get anytin wey beta pass for man dan make he chop and drink, con gbadun hin work. I notice sey dis tin sef na from Baba-God.

25. Abi who fit chop, or who fit flex life pass me?

26. Becos Baba-God dey give widsom, plus knowledge, and happiness—to man wey He see sey na good man: but he dey give sinners di wahala of hard work—to dey gada and collect moni, but Baba-God go carry am komot, con give di plenty moni wey he don gada—to beta pesin wey he see. Dis one sef no make-sense (na vanity)—e be like sey pesin wan catch breeze.


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